New Addition!

Boy I have been really neglecting my blog the last few weeks!  Luke finally broke me down and convinced me to entertain the idea of getting a dog.  I have never really been a fan of dogs just because i never really wanted to have to take care of one.  Luke on the other hand absolutely loves them.  So I decided that I should really think about it because he is always so good to me, and gives me anything I want so I should not be selfish about this no matter how much I worried about my house getting torn apart.  We went back and forth for a few weeks on what kind to get, and he wanted an inside dog which I was totally against, so I said it would have to be small.  We looked at a few, and I just couldnt fall in love with one because I have never really liked small dogs.  So I mentioned maybe a boxer because my parents grew up with them and always talked about how they were such great dogs.  We went to "look" at some that a breeder here in town had, and we ended up taking one home!  I knew the minute Luke saw them we were not going to leave without one.  We have had Jax for a week and he has been such a joy!  He is such a good dog, and I just keep waiting for him to become a terror, but so far my house is still in one piece and we havent had too many accidents=).  Jax was 11 weeks old this week, and growing everyday!  I will keep everyone posted=)


Kitchen Update

Sorry i have been neglecting telling everyone the updates on my kitchen renovation but things have been crazy!  Im not sure what the last update was but we have cabinets,floors, and as of last week our GORGEOUS new appliances were delivered(never thought i would be so excited over appliaces), and I can't stop opening my refrigerator doors!  The granite countertops were installed Friday, and Sat all the appliances were hooked up, and we started the tile backsplash!  I cannot believe after two and a half months we are sooo close to having a funtioning kitchen!  Hopfully the next post will be all the before and after=).  We have been so blessed to have so many friends and family help with this process, and we could not have done it without them.  I cannot wait to thank them by cooking a fabulous meal in my new kitchen!