24 Weeks....

So much for trying to get better about doing my posts on Monday.  Hopefully one day things will slow down and I can get it together, but I have a feeling that is not going to happen before Hudson gets here.

Total Weight Gain: I will let you know after my appointment next Wednesday.  I have felt extremely pregnant, and very large this week.  Usually when people ask me how I feel my response is typically "great, i don't even feel pregnant" , well that has changed this week.

Sleep: Other than having terrible storms for two nights this week, and being woke up I have been sleeping really great.  Even though I have been sleeping really well part of feeling really pregnant this week has been the fact that I am so tired.  I am not the type to nap, I can never get settled enough to nap, and I am usually on the go until I fall asleep.  Well this week there have been several days its all I can do to get home and lay down for a little while. 

Food/Eating: I have developed a new found love for chocolate chip cookies this week.  I made the mistake of buying some when I went to Kroger on Monday, and I have not been able to stay out of them.  I have learned my lesson and will not have them in the house because I clearly have no self control.  I have also had a few nausea spells this week, nothing in particular made me sick I just feel sick for a bit and then it goes away.

Movement: Well I could not wait to feel him start moving, and now he never stops moving.  It makes my heart melt every time I feel it, and luckily he is on the same schedule as me, and I don't wake up from him moving at night, but as soon as my feet hit the floor his do too.  Sometimes I "think" I can tell what he is doing as in I can tell when he is just kicked and when he is just wiggling around.  You know how when you were young and you would do flips under water and count how many you can do without taking a breath?  I think Hudson is playing that game sometimes too.  I know what I am feeling now is just minor compared to how it will be, but I am loving every minute of it.

Gender: The first boy for my family :)

What I miss: Energy.  I feel like I have so much to do, but like I said lately its all I can do to get home and relax. 

What I am looking forward to: going to the Dr. next week and hearing his heartbeat.

Best Moment of the week: Just being able to feel how much he moves.  Its an unsettling feeling when you are not at the point of feeling movement, and not knowing that everything is OK.  Now I know he is at least moving around in there and still kicking.

Questions for other moms: When did the nesting stage hit you?  I keep waiting for it, because my house needs a good cleaning and organizing, but I have not had the urge to do it yet.

I apologize for the bathroom picture again this week.  I had Luke snap a picture before he left for work, but my hair was still wet, and I had not put a drop of makeup on so it was not a pretty sight.  I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!


23 Weeks.....

My week started off pretty rough, in fact I had to take Monday off, because I was not feeling too hot.  We went to Evansville to a wedding last weekend, and I don't know if staying up way too late and all the traveling made me sick, or I just had a bug.  After laying in bed literally all day Monday I felt recovered, had a good week.

Total Weight Gain: I will let you know when I got to the Dr. June 1st.  I will say I can tell a difference since I have been watching what I eat better, so I hope it pays off on the scale.

Sleep: This week is the first time I have really felt the rigors of being pregnant while trying to sleep.  Luke jokes with me, because now for me to "prepare" to go to sleep is a bit of process.  As many of you moms or moms-to be know once I do get my pillows situated, get comfortable, and dose off to sleep I have to go to the bathroom.  Right now I am only getting up a few times during the night to go to the bathroom so its not too bad, and I am definitely not going to complain because I know this is nothing compared to what it will be in a few more months.

Food/Eating: I have been on an ice cream kick, so I bought some frozen yogurt from the grocery, and I was really impressed with it.  I try to only eat a small amount when the urge hits me,  and it seems to do the trick.  I was making dinner on Sunday and I opened some turkey meat to cook, and the smell made me throw up, so I guess I am not quite over my aversion to turkey meat.

Movement: He has really kicked it in high gear this week, and is moving around like crazy.  It is definitely more distinct, and I can actually feel him when I put my hand on my stomach.

Gender: Boy.......I finally picked out my nursery bedding, and I cannot wait to get started in his room now.

What I miss: nothing this week

What I am looking forward to: Getting the furniture for the nursery in the next few weeks

Best Moment of the week: Luke got to feel him move!!  We were laying in bed one night and I felt him start to move so I told Luke to put his hand where he was moving and he kicked it.  I wish I had his face on camera because it was so sweet.  I am so happy that he finally got to feel him and can share the experience with me.

Questions for other moms: I have been having some serious circulation problems this week.  I am sure it is normal, but did anyone else have these problems?

I have a long weekend full of relaxation ahead of me, and I could not be more excited about it!  I am hoping the weather cooperates, and I will be laying by the pool all weekend.


22 Weeks

I really need to start doing my prego posts on Monday since technically I am almost 23 weeks now.  I am just so busy at the beginning of the week that I don't get around to it until Friday.  Enough about that, here is what is going on this week....

Weight Gain: Holding steady at 16 lbs.  I have really been watching what I eat, and I think it is making a difference.

Sleep: I slept great all week until last night.  I had one of those terrible headaches that I was having in my first trimester, so that kept me up a good part of the night. 

Food Eating: I crave something sweet after I eat, but I don't think it is necessarily a pregnant thing, because I have always had that craving after I eat, but the urge is definitely a lot stronger now.

Movement:  Luke wants to be able to feel him move so bad, but I am the only one that can feel it at this point.

Gender: Sweet baby boy!

What I miss: my feet.  When I say that I mean my feet at their normal size.  They have been getting so swollen in the heat lately.  I drink water like crazy, but it doesn't seem to help.

What I am looking forward to:  Being able to feel him move outside of my belly, I think I want this more for Luke than I do myself, because I get to feel him move now.

Questions for other moms: Any recommendations or remedies for swollen feet?

We are going out to dinner for one of my best friend's birthday tonight, and I am looking forward to eating pizza.  Tomorrow we are headed to Evansville for a friend from college's wedding.  I hope you all have a great weekend!

I usually try to take a picture on my camera rather than in the mirror, but I forgot this week so I just snapped this one in the bathroom at work.  I feel like I look huge in this picture for some reason......maybe because I just ate lunch.


21 Weeks

Is it already Friday?  This week has flown by, and I could not be more excited about it.  I have been playing catch up on sleep this week from my trip last weekend.  I had such a great time, but I came back feeling more exhausted and worn out than when I left.  In fact I was laying in bed on Sunday and I had the weirdest pain that I have never felt before.  It was a really quick, sharp, tight pain in my stomach, and it only happened once so I didn't get too worried.  I asked my Dr. about it on Monday and she said it was more than likely braxton hicks contractions.  I told her about my trip, and she said I may have overdone it a little and let myself get dehydrated.  I think she is probably right because I was out in the sun a lot, and I'm sure flying did not help either.  So I have been drinking lots of water this week to keep from having them again.

Total Weight Gain: I was not a happy camper when I stepped on the scale at the Dr. on Monday.  I have gained 16 total, and my goal was 25-30 for the whole pregnancy.  I would like to blame it on being on vacation, but there really is not an excuse.  I am making a huge effort to be more conscience about what I eat from now on.  My Dr said I was right on track with my weight, and that this is the time when the baby is growing the most, but it is still a little more than I would like.

Sleep: I have had no problems at all since I have been so tired from my trip.

Food/Eating: Well I have been trying to watch what I eat this week so my ice cream craving is not helping the situation. I had to break down one day and get a blizzard because I thought I would go insane if I didn't.  I have still be eating a ton of fruit.

Movement: He moves more and more everyday, and every time I feel it my heart melts.

Gender: Boy!  We are getting started on the nursery and picking out fabric for the bedding this weekend.

What I miss: After going to my friend Jill's bachelorette party I miss being able to drink with my girlfriends.  It was the first time I have really missed it a lot.  It didn't bother me I couldn't drink when we went out, but just sitting around talking with my girlfriends and drinking wine, or having a cold beer on the beach is what I missed.

What I am looking forward to: getting started on the nursery, and having a definite plan on what we are going to do.

Questions for other moms: How early did you start having braxton hicks contractions, and are they comparable to the real thing?

We are going to have a low key weekend which is just what I need.  I LOVE the KY Derby, and going to college in KY made me really have a new appreciation for it and get into it so much more.  So I am really excited to head to friends house tomorrow night to watch the big race!  I still need to decide who I am going to put my money on.....just as a hint I usually choose jockey rather than horse :).  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Here I am at 21 weeks.....I think this is such a sweet picture.


Photos of Osama

I rarely get involved with politics or controversial issues, and don't get me wrong I have my opinions I just choose to keep them to myself most of the time.  Since this is my personal blog and I am entitled to say whatever I want I need to get on a soapbox for just a moment.  The issue surrounding the releasing of photos of Bin Laden after he was killed have struck a nerve with me.  I am well aware that all of the hype is all the media, but some of the things i have been hearing are just mind boggling to me.  I for one have no desire to see the photos because I trust our military and government when they say that the job was done, not to mention I do not want to see gory photos of someone who has been shot no matter who it is.  I know they say that there are theorists out there and what not, but let them have their theories and opinions that doesn't mean that these photos should be released just to pacify them.  I think it is so rude and disrespectful to the brave men who carried out the mission by saying that there needs to be proof that the job was done.  It also worries me that releasing the photos would put our troops in danger and risk retaliation more than they already are. I have heard reports of people saying that we should not be happy about him being killed because of the danger to our troops, and I don't think there is a need to be boastful by releasing photos, but we also cannot be scared to show that we did not take 9/11 lightly, and that we mean business.  The whole reason for searching for Bin Laden for 10 years and going to war was because of 9/11, and I think the most important thing is the families of the victims can sleep a little easier at night knowing that justice has been served.  While I am aware that this doesn't mean the war is going to end I think we are a little closer than we were before.  I know there are people who would not agree with me, and I am perfectly fine with that this is just my personal opinion.   As Forrest Gump would say.....that's all I have to say about that.


20 Weeks

I had this scheduled to post last week, and for some reason it did not.

I am HALF WAY there.....it seems so far away, yet so close.  The first half of my pregnancy went by so fast, so I am curious to see if the second half does.  Speaking of.... does it seem like Mariah Carey has been pregnant forever to anyone else?  Random I know, but I saw something online about her painting her belly like an Easter egg, and other than thinking it looked ridiculous I thought she had already given birth.

Total Weight Gain: My doctor appointment is next Tuesday so I will know then, I have to say I am very nervous about my appointment, because I feel like I am hungry all the time, and been eating a lot more than normal.

Sleep: Other than storms and bathroom breaks waking me up I have not had any problems.

Food/Eating: As I mentioned earlier I have been so hungry lately and feel like I need to eat any and everything I can get my hands on.  I try to make healthy choices when the urge hits me to eat, but I don't thing the amount of almonds I have been consuming in a day constitutes as healthy.  I have been eating a ton of fruit, but again all the sugar cannot be good for me or the baby.

Movement: I have felt him move some this week, I am ready for some distinct movements.

Gender: Hudson Dale....I found the sweetest Kissy Kissy sleeper on Zulily.com this week for a great deal. 

What I Miss: being able to be my normal busy body self.  I have no problem with all the running around, but I definitely get worn out a lot faster.

What I am looking Forward To: my parents opening their pool this weekend, and being able to get in some good workouts in the water.

Best Moment of the Week: seeing how loved this little boy is going to be.  He got his first Easter basket, and he is not even here yet.  Luke's grandmother set up savings fund for him, and I am hoping by the time he goes to college we will have enough saved for it.

I am heading to Charleston tomorrow for a bachelorette party!  I know it will not be like a normal bach party for me, but I am excited to relax at the beach, and catch up with my best girlfriends!  I hope everyone has a great weekend.