A New Chapter

On Friday August 8th Luke and I put our first home on the market.  The home we completely renovated with the help of our families  The home we lived in after we got engaged.  The home we lived in when we got married.  The home we brought our first baby boy home to.  The home we made so many memories as first time parents in.  The home we brought our second beautiful baby boy home to.  The home we spent holidays, Birthdays, and anniversary's in.  The home where our first pet is buried in the back yard.  It was such a bittersweet day for us.  While we we are so sad to leave our first home, we are so excited to start a new chapter in our lives.  We absolutely love our house, and we put so much into it.  I pray that whoever buys it will love and cherish it as much as we do.  The road leading to putting our house on the market was all bitter and no sweet.  We met with our Realtor a little over a month ago, and she gave us a list of things to do before we could put it on the market.  We worked tirelessly for over a month to get it ready to sell.  I have to say, Luke did most of the work.  I kept the kids out of the wet paint(for the most part,) so I would say I worked hard too.  Let me just tell you what I have learned during this process.

If you have any "small" projects that you have been putting off....do it now!  You will be doing all of those "small" projects at once, and they add up to a huge pain in the butt.

It is still not OK to leave Hudson alone with Sullivan....he WILL shove a screwdriver down his throat.

When they say "de-clutter"  that is code for "throw everything you have away, or store it."  My poor kids have no toys to play with in our house.

Speaking of toys.  While you are cleaning your house like it has never been cleaned before, you will find ALL the toys you wondered where they went.  It was like Christmas morning for Hudson.

You will also find enough bottles and sippy cups to supply a third world country.  Just throw it ALL away.  Life is too short to clean that mess out.

Just when you get the door painted Hudson will take a screwdriver (the same one Sully had shoved down his throat,) and will scrape through both layers of paint. Because we didn't learn not to leave him alone after the Sully incident.

Buy stock in magic erasers.

Clean your closets.

You will follow your toddler around like a psycho stalker picking up after them.

And they will STILL destroy everything.  Even if there are no toys in the house.

You never realize how often you leave things lying around until you have to pick up every.single.thing you put down.

You will find yourself cooking less and less.....because you don't want to clean it up right away.

You will finally get around to the decorating you have been putting off

You will find all kinds of new places in your house to "hide" things.

You will question your sanity.....often.

You will realize you are not above bribery to sell your house :)

You will learn not to take offense to people criticizing your house.  A 60 year old home is not for everyone.

Your husbands obsession with vacuuming will be taken to a whole new level.

You will realize once you sell your house, and get a new one.....you will NEVER move again. Unless we hit the lotto, and I can pay someone to do all the work.

Once it is all said and done you can totally relate to Noah from "The Notebook."  You kind of want to get drunk and burn it down.

We have had a lot of showings since putting it on the market, and we are still waiting for the right person to come along.  In the meantime I will pray for patience, and spend my days cleaning up after my kids.


First Day of Preschool

The day has finally come, my sweet boy has his first day of preschool.  I told him this morning it was hard to be emotional because he was being such a stinker.  In true Hudson fashion he would not take a decent picture for mom.  No worries, I made sure to document it anyway.  More ammunition for when he tries to put me in a nursing home.  He and Maddie are in the same class, and have the same teacher Macy had.  We know they will be in great hands with Ms. heather, and I am so excited for him.  Hudson is such a "busy"  little boy, I think he will love going to school and being challenged.  He thrives on constantly being on the go, so he will love it.  If we can make it through the day without a phone call saying he has dropped his pants and went potty on the playground I will call this day a win!  I can't wait to hear all about his day when I get home.

The only time he is smiling in the pictures is when he is running from me trying to take a picture.