Holidays 2015

Per usual this holiday season has flown by in the blink of an eye.  For some reason this year has been so different from years past.  I did my usual decking the halls the weekend before Thanksgiving.  With my house all decorated I was really feeling the Christmas Spirit, and then things sort of went off track from there.

  I found myself making a list yesterday of a dozen holiday activities I want to do before Christmas that we have normally finished way before now. I HAVE NOT EVEN WATCHED THE HOLIDAY!

I should have known on the second day of Advent when I found Hudson's Advent calendar that the holidays were going to be off this year......

I have been in no mood to shop, and probably have over half of my shopping to get done.  I have not wrapped one present.  One of my trees has a total of 5 ornaments on it, and I sent my Christmas cards out last week with no return address, and American Flag stamps.  Good thing they were so cute...thanks Leigh

I have no  idea what has gotten into me this year, this is so uncharacteristic of me.  I feel like some of it may be the weather.  I know people are loving the 70 degree temps in December, but its hard to get in the mood to drink hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies when the AC is running. If we could get just a little bit of chill in the air that would be nice. 

Speaking of Christmas movies...if I have to watch Polar Express one more time I am going to lose it.  WHY do kids love that movie so much?  I have tried to force all of my favorite holiday classics on my kids, and they are just not getting the memo. 

The one night I sat down for my yearly tradition of drinking champs and watching The Holiday my on demand was messed up and I couldn't rent the dang movie.  I discovered this the minute after I sent this picture to my girlfriends.  

We started the elf on the shelf this year, and I was super excited about it.  Now I find myself scrambling to move the dang thing in the mornings, and can never come up with anything clever to do with him.  

We took the boys to the parade a few weeks ago, which was fun.

Hudson has been really into helping me bake this holiday season, which has been fun for the both of us.  We have made more batches of Rice Krispie teats(because they are easy) than I can count. 

The past weekend we took a trip to Gatlinburg with mine and Luke's family, and Christmas started to totally redeem itself.  We had the best time spending the weekend in the mountains and taking the kids to Dollywood.  It is impossible not to get into the spirit in that place.

Sully was not a fan of the ducks.

We came home Sunday and went to a cookie decorating party that I was certain was a birthday party, and showed up with a gift and all....
Luke wanted in on the fun.

Hudson decorated his gingerbread house, and has insisted that is what he is leaving for Santa.  Even though Luke has been trying to convince him Santa does not like gingerbread. 

Then we went to see Santa last night, and things went south again.  It was all fun and games until it was time to sit in the big mans lap.  Sullivan lost his mind.

Today was Hudson's Christmas program, and as soon as all of the kids started walking in I could hear Hudson screaming.  He cried through the first part, and refused to sing or participate in the second part.  Maddie sang her little heart out.

So it seems even my kids are feeling the scrooge effect.  I am determined to turn this holiday season around, and fully enjoy what is left of it.  Hudson has been into the birth of baby Jesus and the story behind it, and that is the most important thing about this season.   I am helping with Room in the Inn tonight for our church and I know without a doubt that will bring things full circle for me.  We are so incredibly blessed, and I would never want anyone to think I am being ungrateful.  I know how lucky we are, and this stuff is trivial, I am just being honest.  This time of the year is all about giving back, and I intend to do that as much as possible. 

Here's to hoping we are all happy by Christmas Morning!   


Hudson is 4!!!

I rarely get emotional over birthdays.  I just feel happy to have survived another year.  However, 4 has hit me hard.  I think it is because there is such a difference between three and four.  All of the sudden he seems like such a grown up.  Either way, this mama had a hard time dealing with this birthday.

You  are four!  Goodness time flies.  I remember nights when I would just pray that you would sleep more than 2 hours.  Now, you only wake up in the middle of the night to find your way to our room.  Then you beat the crap out of me for the few remaining hours of sleep I have left.  I often find myself on the couch by the morning.  Sometimes I feel like you are literally trying to climb me in your sleep.  You are still a night owl.  I would say within the past month we have really gotten better with getting you to sleep, it only took 4 years.  We read you a few books and you are out.....until the late night shenanigans begin.  For the hell you put us through at night, you make up for by sleeping in.  Some mornings you will sleep until 9. You are officially out of pull ups at night.  You can't drink after dinner, and you have to potty before bed, but by God we got a pay raise in the diaper department.  

Speaking of your man parts, you love them.  You have your hands on it all the time.  I am constantly asking if you have to potty.  I am assuming this is a phase, and you will grow out of it, and actually act like you have been taught decency.  

You are still as mischievous as ever, and always up to no good.  Now you have a partner in crime.  It is really interesting how much Sully can get into at only 18 months old.  I am certain you have nothing to do with it.  

You and Maddie are still two peas on a pod.  The conversations you all have crack us up.  She is setting some lucky lady up for the future.  She bosses you non stop, and you do what she says.  Every woman's dream.  That lady will have to fight Maddie off because she thinks you all are getting married.  She told her mom the other day that her name is Maddie Graves Kessler.  I snapped this picture the other day, and told Ashley that we are going to have to teach you all about "kissing cousins" soon.

You all fight like crazy, and love each other fiercely.  I know that you all will grow to have such a unique bond.  I also know that you will never get away with anything as long as she is around. 

You are 110% boy and love anything to do with cars, trucks, guns, hunting, and fishing.  

You started school in the fall.  You are in Ms. Billie's pre k 4 class.  You know how to spell your name, say your address, and phone number, but you cannot write to save your life.  We have really been working on this.  You have never been one to sit down and color or draw, so you barely even knew how to hold a pencil when school started.  

Speaking of school, you got in trouble a few weeks go for saying bad words.  Let's clean that up buddy, and try not to make mom and dad look like horrible parents.  

We went back and forth but decided to try soccer again this fall.  You were not very interested in the spring, but we gave it another go.  I am so glad we did.  It is like night and day from the spring.  You are being a rock star and scoring goals left and right.  You are on the same team and Ethan, which is so much fun!

You are absolutely hilarious, and are constantly cracking us up.  You do not meet a stranger, and have no problem asking 9000 questions about someones life.  You love church, and for all the times that I have failed as a parent it makes my heard swell when you talk about Jesus.  You do not forget anything.  Even things we wish you would forget, or at least not make it public knowledge.  You have the biggest heart, and genuinely care about other peoples feelings.  You love to argue, and lord help me you are just like me. 

You are the light of our lives, and constantly keep us on our toes.  I would not have it any other way.  For all of the times you make us crazy, you make us melt twice as much.  I pray that will continue to grow into a kind, loving, selfless, strong willed little boy.  We love you more than words!


Preschool 2015-2016

I am back!  I have so many posts to catch up on it makes my head want to spin.  Before I start back tacking I want to document Hudson and Maddie's first day of school today!
For whatever reason Hudson cannot take a decent picture to save his life these days.

Ashley had school so we went and picked Maddie up, and took pictures and her house.
(of course the teacher had a nice laminated sign) 

I didn't even realize the sign was upside down until I was sending them to Ashley.  However, it is so fitting for the two of them. 

I promised them we would go get doughnuts before their first day.

Hudson and Maddie took two bites, and Sully hate his weight in doughnut holes.

I cannot get over how big they look walking in.

Daddy met us there to walk them in.

 Once we dropped them off I found myself getting so emotional.  Last year they were scared and emotional.  This year they walked right in, sat down at the table, and told me bye.  They are getting so big and independent.  They have such a unique and special bond, and are so lucky to have each other.  I know the older they get they will cherish their relationship more and more.