Winter 2015

Does anyone else feel like this is the never ending winter?  I actually love the flow of every season, and I am so thankful for one to be over, and move on to the next.  That is where I am.  Fortunately we actually got a decent amount of snow/ice this year!  Does anyone else get annoyed with northerners making fun of us for overreacting during the snow?  Yes. we do.  However,  I don't want to live in a place where snow is the norm.  I love that snow is a "holiday" in the south.  We can stay home from school and work.  Love on our kids, and act like kids ourselves playing in the snow.  Okay, rant over.  Now onto loads of pictures I snapped during the last few weeks.  Lets be honest, Hudson may be a teenager before we get this much snow again.

My sister and I ran to target the day before the snow was supposed to hit to load up on all of the winter weather items that were all marked down super cheap.
He is in the middle of telling me "Mom I look like Christophe in these boots."  In his manliest voice, might I add.

We took a few practice runs around the living room.

Then it finally came!  Except it was all ice, and no snow.  That wasn't going to stop us, or our neighbors.

I LOVE the backyard in our new house.  One of my favorite things about it is the privacy and all of our evergreen tress.  I was so worried all of the ice was going to cause us to lose them.  Thankfully they all survived. 

FINALLY the snow started to come down. 
Sully had the best seat in the house.

We made sure to stock up on all the necessities.  Priorities.

We would play for a while, and go in for hot chocolate.

Then go back out and play more.  
I am surprised this kid did not get frost bite.  Only bribery could get him to come inside.  

Ashley bought stuff for snow cream, and it was delicious.  Way better than I remember as a kid.

We had such a fantastic time the past few weeks.  Life is so much more fun with kids.  We are so blessed to live in such a great neighborhood, and our kids will grow up being neighbors with their cousins. 



10 Months-Sullivan

Sullivan is 10 months old, and my how things have changed this last month.

You are on the move my friend!  You went from not moving at all to crawling, pulling up, laying to sitting, and everything in between.  It is so funny to watch you crawl.  Your brother went straight to walking, so I never got to see him crawling around everywhere.  We are in full on baby proof mode because nothing is safe.

Eating: You are still such a great eater.  You have moved from jars of food to the pouches.  You love to hold them yourself.  We have also entered the world of table food.  I will give you pretty much anything we are eating for dinner, and you will work the crap out of it with your two teeth.  You still take 4 oz of formula every few hours, and love your bottle.  I am determined to get you off of it by the time you are one.  So far we have not had any luck with sippy cups.  You hate all of them.

Sleep: Your sleeping has been ok.  You are usually up a couple of times at night, but sometimes you will sleep through the night.  You are still cutting some teeth, so I feel like that is part of the problem.  I notice if I rub clove oil on your gums you tend to sleep better.  I think some of the problem is habit too.  Either way, we take you a bottle, and you go right back to sleep.  You still love your crib.  You are not the type to fall asleep in our arms or pass out anywhere.  You like to be in your bed.  One of my absolute favorite things is going into your room after naps and in the mornings.  You are so sweet and happy.  Hudson has been in our bed from the get go, so I never got to experience that special time with him,

Milestones: As I mentioned above you are all over the place.  You still only have two teeth, but I know more are going to come through any day.  You are such a mamas boy.You talk and babble all the time!  You say "mama" baba" "dada" "nana," and a multitude of other sounds. You love Bella. and she loves you.  We have been working on sign language.  So far, the only thing we have down is "more."  Obviously, since you love to eat. If you do not want something you have no problem shaking your head "no." You are becoming a little more feisty.  I need you to calm down with that and stay my sweet sully.  Now that you are bigger your brother likes to "play" with your more.  By that I mean "wrestle."  I have told him from day one that his days are numbered, you are just about to the point where you can take him.  I see lots of rough housing in our future.
                                                     You look so big standing up

You had a nasty virus, and the only good thing about it were all the snuggles

We had a couple of warm days so we took full advantage and played outside.  You LOVE being outside.  

I noticed you had a dry patch of skin on your arm, one morning when I got you up it looked like you clawed it to death.......

Mommy put some oils on it, and it was almost gone the next day.

You love taking a bath, but we are trying to cut back on them every night due to your dry sensitive skin.

We had a snow day,and you wanted to be outside playing with your brother so bad.  

I think it is officially time for a new car seat. 
(Macy adores you)

You love riding in your brothers big truck

Obviously he thinks he still needs to hold your head up. 

Last but not least....

You are such a joy.  You are still somewhat calm, and laid back.  You have the sweetest demeanor, and can light up a room with your smile.  You rarely meet a stranger, and will let anyone hold you.  We feel so blessed that God chose us to be your mommy and daddy.  We love you so much Sully man!

Mommy and Daddy