Preschool 2015-2016

I am back!  I have so many posts to catch up on it makes my head want to spin.  Before I start back tacking I want to document Hudson and Maddie's first day of school today!
For whatever reason Hudson cannot take a decent picture to save his life these days.

Ashley had school so we went and picked Maddie up, and took pictures and her house.
(of course the teacher had a nice laminated sign) 

I didn't even realize the sign was upside down until I was sending them to Ashley.  However, it is so fitting for the two of them. 

I promised them we would go get doughnuts before their first day.

Hudson and Maddie took two bites, and Sully hate his weight in doughnut holes.

I cannot get over how big they look walking in.

Daddy met us there to walk them in.

 Once we dropped them off I found myself getting so emotional.  Last year they were scared and emotional.  This year they walked right in, sat down at the table, and told me bye.  They are getting so big and independent.  They have such a unique and special bond, and are so lucky to have each other.  I know the older they get they will cherish their relationship more and more.