Winter 2015

Does anyone else feel like this is the never ending winter?  I actually love the flow of every season, and I am so thankful for one to be over, and move on to the next.  That is where I am.  Fortunately we actually got a decent amount of snow/ice this year!  Does anyone else get annoyed with northerners making fun of us for overreacting during the snow?  Yes. we do.  However,  I don't want to live in a place where snow is the norm.  I love that snow is a "holiday" in the south.  We can stay home from school and work.  Love on our kids, and act like kids ourselves playing in the snow.  Okay, rant over.  Now onto loads of pictures I snapped during the last few weeks.  Lets be honest, Hudson may be a teenager before we get this much snow again.

My sister and I ran to target the day before the snow was supposed to hit to load up on all of the winter weather items that were all marked down super cheap.
He is in the middle of telling me "Mom I look like Christophe in these boots."  In his manliest voice, might I add.

We took a few practice runs around the living room.

Then it finally came!  Except it was all ice, and no snow.  That wasn't going to stop us, or our neighbors.

I LOVE the backyard in our new house.  One of my favorite things about it is the privacy and all of our evergreen tress.  I was so worried all of the ice was going to cause us to lose them.  Thankfully they all survived. 

FINALLY the snow started to come down. 
Sully had the best seat in the house.

We made sure to stock up on all the necessities.  Priorities.

We would play for a while, and go in for hot chocolate.

Then go back out and play more.  
I am surprised this kid did not get frost bite.  Only bribery could get him to come inside.  

Ashley bought stuff for snow cream, and it was delicious.  Way better than I remember as a kid.

We had such a fantastic time the past few weeks.  Life is so much more fun with kids.  We are so blessed to live in such a great neighborhood, and our kids will grow up being neighbors with their cousins. 


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