Renovation Realities-ROCK BOTTOM

Sorry I have not updated on our kitchen in a while, basically nothing has been happening until now. I told Luke the other day, I feel like we have hit rock bottom and it can only go up from here. It has been bad enough living without a kitchen, but things were kicked up a notch when we removed all the carpet throughout the downstairs to prepare for hardwood floors. We have been living on sub floors, and sitting in camping chairs.

Luckily both mine and Luke's sisters live in our neighborhood so we have been staying with them.  The boys have been in heaven having sleepovers every night.  Some other exciting updates that happened along the way.

The boys got to try their hand at painting.  Because, why not add to the madness??

Luke added this awesome ship lap wall that you see looking from the eat in area, and it goes up the steps to the bonus room.

I fretted for approx a week over what to paint it.  Originally I had in my head I wanted to paint it a really dark/almost black grey.  It would be super practical since its the door coming in from the garage where we mainly enter and exit.  Plus, the rest of the kitchen will be white, so I thought it would add some contrast.  I got a sample of Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams

 I loved it, Luke hated it,  and I fretted some more.  Ultimately we decided to paint the wall white, the door black, and invest in a crap ton of magic erasers.  Compromise. 

I really could not be happier with the way it turned out.  That light hanging was about to drive me absolutely insane, so I quickly ordered one from Wayfair and Luke installed it. 

Then the most magical thing happened......


Stay tuned to see what they look like now that they are installed!

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