We have cabinets!

We had our cabinets installed yesterday! I was so antsy yesterday at work i could not wait to get home and see them=) It was such a pleasant surprise when i got home. Even though i picked them out i was still a little nervous, but they are absolutely GORGEOUS! They have so much detail and i don't even think I'm going to put any hardware on them, because i think it will take away from the detail=). I have decided that I'm just going to wait until we are all finished and do a blog on the start to finish with pictures. I have been so bummed lately because this time of year makes me want to do all kinds of baking and try new recipes=( Hopefully sooner or later I will be able to put my new kitchen to the test. I have promised Luke that if he will please finish fast I will cook for him every night for a year...good thing i LOVE to cook ha ha! I cannot wait to show everyone the finished product.

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