Productive Weekend!

This past weekend me and Brittany were shopping fools!  I have been really stressed out two key things for the wedding and they were resolved this weekend!  First off were the girls shoes, I have searched high and low for shoes that I love.  I really wanted wedges since they will be in the grass during the ceremony, but just could not find anything that was dressy enough, so we went to Macy's on Saturday, and there they were ha ha!  It was like they were made for my bridesmaid dresses, and were reasonalby priced which was something else I wanted to be really conscience of.  So tell me what you think......

You can't see that well, but the pattern has all the colors that are in my wedding, and match perfectly!  The next thorn in my side has been the guys suits.  I have looked everywhere to find something that is reasonably priced, and trust me I have found suits that I love, but I just dont think its fair to ask someone to pay $300 for a suit.  So we decided to just "try" looking at Kohl's(i would have never dreamed to find them there), and the good lord was looking over me, because there they were!  They had a suit that was just the color I was looking for and apparently they had JUST gotten them in so we went on a great day!  My mom just happend to get a coupon last week for 30% off and with the sale they were having we ended up getting them for LESS than $100!!!  I could not believe it, and was so excited (i love a good deal ha ha).  So we rushed to get all the guys sizes,, bought them, and that was one more huge check off the list!  Next up im going to take my dress to The White Room on Friday and look for a veil, and jewelry.  I made my appt for my bridal portaits today....I just cannot believe how fast there last few months have flown by.  Im trying really hard to enjoy every minute of it because i do not want to blink and it all be over.


  1. Awesome!!! Those shoes are super cute!
    So happy it's all coming together for you!

  2. Oh and btw - love your background . . .looks like we have the same taste! ;)