Bridal Portraits

Did any of you feel like you just wanted time to slow down when you were planning your wedding??  Its funny because I feel like I have been engaged forever, and thought the day would NEVER come, but I feel like these past three months have gone by so fast!  I just want to rewind and slow it down ha ha.  I have enjoyed every single minute of it, but I just don't want to feel like I blink and its all over with(I'm not sure if there is anything to do to change that though).  Don't get me wrong I could not be more excited about marrying Luke and starting our life together, I just think I need to take a step back and take deep breaths.  Yesterday was yet another confirmation that the big day is right around the corner.....my bridal portraits!  I was actually thinking about it before we went out there and wondering if  people still took bridal pics?  My sister had them done so we didn't think anything about it, but I was just curious if it was still the norm.  I don't think we could have asked for better weather, a little cloudy with a nice cool breeze.  My photographer Dale Dorman is just wonderful, and Cedarwood provided the perfect setting.  Every time I go out there I fall more in love with it especially now that everything is starting to bloom.  After taking bridal portraits I would DEFINITELY recommend getting them, its just nice and relaxing and you get it out of the way so that isn't one more thing to worry about the day of the wedding.  It's also nice to test out and see exactly how you are going to look on your wedding day (I have to say I was pleased ha ha), and decide if you want to change anything, which also takes stress off of you the day of.  I cannot wait to see these pictures, and I wish I could share them with everyone, but I think I will keep them to myself until after the wedding, but I'll blog about them and set it to post while I'm on the honeymoon=). 

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