Jamaica Mon!

With there only being ONE WEEK until the wedding festivities begin I have been extremely stressed getting everything done.   However my motivation and what is getting me through it is knowing that in 10 short days I will have my butt parked on the beach in JAMAICA enjoying a cocktail and recovering from wedding craziness.  I am very fortunate to be getting married somewhere that pretty much covers everything, so I probably don't have the stress most do before their wedding, but getting everything together for the honeymoon has been one of the biggest stress factors.  Did anyone else experience this??  I just want to make sure we have everything and of course I'm having to shop and plan for the both of us.  We are staying at a all inclusive resort called Couples Negril, and I cannot wait to see what this little beauty has in store for us.  Is there anything that I may not be thinking about that is a must on a honeymoon, or something that we must do while we are there if anyone has been, because my head is a little scattered these days and I know there are things I will forget.  I hope everyone has a great weekend mine will be spent shopping =)

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