IT"S A.......


It feels so good to finally know what we are having and not have to call him mystery baby anymore!  Obviously we had our big ultrasound yesterday, and I was a nervous mama.  Everyone was anticipating finding out the gender of the baby, and I just wanted to make sure everything was OK with the baby.  I am so happy to report that everything looked great!  My doctor did not do the ultrasound, she sends her patients downtown to Baptist Hospital to the Tennessee Maternal Fetal Medicine clinic to get our ultrasounds, because they specialize in high risk pregnancies.  I did not have a high risk pregnancy, but she said she likes to send her patients there, because they are the best, they look for birth defects for a living, and do it all day long, which made me so thankful that I have such a great Doctor that wants what is best for her patients.  As happy as I was that a expert would be doing my ultrasound I will say my tech should be taught a few bedside manners.  Let me paint you a picture.....I am a first time mom that is a nervous wreck, I lay down on the bed, she puts the little microphone looking thing on my belly, the baby pops up on the screen, and she says "oh we have a problem".  My heart sank, my immediate thought was "there is not a heartbeat".  After a grueling minute she said "you are only 19 weeks" then goes on and on about how she wont be able to see what she needs, and I will more than likely have to come back, and the baby was face down so she was almost positive she wouldn't be able to tell the gender.  After that she began telling us how that morning every person that came in had multiple birth defect, not something you tell a mother as she is getting her ultrasound.  Needless to say she did not set a very good tone for the rest of the visit.  I will say I was very proud of my little man, because he cooperated so well, and she was able to see everything she needed to see!  It made me very happy to prove negative Nancy wrong.  I was so happy once she looked at all the major organs and said everything looked great, that her sour attitude could not have ruined the experience for me.  Of course she waited until very last to look for the gender, as soon as she started to look it was like he backed his butt right up to the screen, and she said "oh its a boy".  Luke and his mom both jumped up and did a silent scream...she had made us so nervous to make a sound that we felt like we could not even celebrate.  I really did not have a preference either way, but Luke really wanted a boy so he was beside himself.  I am not sure if I have mentioned this, but there has not been a boy born in our family in 49 years!  My cousin who is 4 weeks ahead of me is having a boy too, so my family could not be more excited to have some male influence in the family.  My dad is so excited, because this will be his first grandson, and he cannot wait to spoil him rotten with all kinds of boy toys that will probably make me a nervous wreck!  I want to thank everyone  who called, sent text messages, and words of encouragement.  We feel so blessed to have a healthy baby so far, and that we have so much love and support. 


  1. SO exciting! My sister just had a little boy. Congrats!

    p.s. that tech sounds awful!

  2. Yay for boys... Your little man will melt your heart!!