23 Weeks.....

My week started off pretty rough, in fact I had to take Monday off, because I was not feeling too hot.  We went to Evansville to a wedding last weekend, and I don't know if staying up way too late and all the traveling made me sick, or I just had a bug.  After laying in bed literally all day Monday I felt recovered, had a good week.

Total Weight Gain: I will let you know when I got to the Dr. June 1st.  I will say I can tell a difference since I have been watching what I eat better, so I hope it pays off on the scale.

Sleep: This week is the first time I have really felt the rigors of being pregnant while trying to sleep.  Luke jokes with me, because now for me to "prepare" to go to sleep is a bit of process.  As many of you moms or moms-to be know once I do get my pillows situated, get comfortable, and dose off to sleep I have to go to the bathroom.  Right now I am only getting up a few times during the night to go to the bathroom so its not too bad, and I am definitely not going to complain because I know this is nothing compared to what it will be in a few more months.

Food/Eating: I have been on an ice cream kick, so I bought some frozen yogurt from the grocery, and I was really impressed with it.  I try to only eat a small amount when the urge hits me,  and it seems to do the trick.  I was making dinner on Sunday and I opened some turkey meat to cook, and the smell made me throw up, so I guess I am not quite over my aversion to turkey meat.

Movement: He has really kicked it in high gear this week, and is moving around like crazy.  It is definitely more distinct, and I can actually feel him when I put my hand on my stomach.

Gender: Boy.......I finally picked out my nursery bedding, and I cannot wait to get started in his room now.

What I miss: nothing this week

What I am looking forward to: Getting the furniture for the nursery in the next few weeks

Best Moment of the week: Luke got to feel him move!!  We were laying in bed one night and I felt him start to move so I told Luke to put his hand where he was moving and he kicked it.  I wish I had his face on camera because it was so sweet.  I am so happy that he finally got to feel him and can share the experience with me.

Questions for other moms: I have been having some serious circulation problems this week.  I am sure it is normal, but did anyone else have these problems?

I have a long weekend full of relaxation ahead of me, and I could not be more excited about it!  I am hoping the weather cooperates, and I will be laying by the pool all weekend.

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