22 Weeks

I really need to start doing my prego posts on Monday since technically I am almost 23 weeks now.  I am just so busy at the beginning of the week that I don't get around to it until Friday.  Enough about that, here is what is going on this week....

Weight Gain: Holding steady at 16 lbs.  I have really been watching what I eat, and I think it is making a difference.

Sleep: I slept great all week until last night.  I had one of those terrible headaches that I was having in my first trimester, so that kept me up a good part of the night. 

Food Eating: I crave something sweet after I eat, but I don't think it is necessarily a pregnant thing, because I have always had that craving after I eat, but the urge is definitely a lot stronger now.

Movement:  Luke wants to be able to feel him move so bad, but I am the only one that can feel it at this point.

Gender: Sweet baby boy!

What I miss: my feet.  When I say that I mean my feet at their normal size.  They have been getting so swollen in the heat lately.  I drink water like crazy, but it doesn't seem to help.

What I am looking forward to:  Being able to feel him move outside of my belly, I think I want this more for Luke than I do myself, because I get to feel him move now.

Questions for other moms: Any recommendations or remedies for swollen feet?

We are going out to dinner for one of my best friend's birthday tonight, and I am looking forward to eating pizza.  Tomorrow we are headed to Evansville for a friend from college's wedding.  I hope you all have a great weekend!

I usually try to take a picture on my camera rather than in the mirror, but I forgot this week so I just snapped this one in the bathroom at work.  I feel like I look huge in this picture for some reason......maybe because I just ate lunch.


  1. I stumbled across your blog and love your pregnancy updates... I was never that diligent with my first and I know you're going to appreciate that so much later (especially if you are pregnant again in the future!). I just wanted to say congratulations on your little boy (baby boys are awesome!) and to give you a little bit of encouragement. Pregnancy is wonderful, but it is also an emotional time, especially when the weight starts piling on. I just want you to know that everyone gains weight at different paces so try not to stress too much, especially since you're making an effort to eat right. I am one of those people who put it all on at the beginning... I hate seeing the 20 week pictures from girls who barely look pregnant! I was never like that, but then in the last 10 weeks when most people really start to gain, I slowed down. And I have a theory that this kept stretch marks to a minimum since it was gradual rather than all at once. :) Again, just a theory. I ended up gaining 35 with my first, which was more than I had planned, but was amazed that without much effort it did all come off. Granted, I had to be patient and it took about 6 or 7 months, but it happened nonetheless. Once you have a newborn you will be running around like crazy, frantically cleaning house during his naptimes, feeding him more that you think a baby should be able to eat, and your meals (if you can call them that) will be on the go, and usually eaten while standing up at the kitchen counter. At least that's my experience and between this and breast feeding, I shed those pounds without too much stress. I also didn't think or worry about it as much since I had a new baby to cuddle. I think my favorite thing now though is how much more forgiving I am on my own body... now I know that it can build, house, and deliver a baby and that in itself is incredible. I know you don't know me, but from one mom to another, I think you look beautiful and I am so excited for you and your family. Enjoy this time... you'll miss him kicking your ribs out (and that time will come soon!) when he's out in this big world.

  2. Thanks so much for the words of encouragement. It has been hard for me, but I am just trying to embrace it and not get myself too stressed over it. It helps to hear that other people go through the same thing, and I am not completely losing it.