28 Weeks

HELLO THIRD TRIMESTER........I hope you are as good to me as the second trimester was.

Total Weight Gain: My hard work paid off, because I did not gain any weight when I went to the Dr. last Wednesday.  I have still been working hard to keep from gaining too much weight, so hopefully it will be the same at my next appointment.

Sleep: I have not been sleeping well at all lately, and I really don't have an explanation for it.  I am not to the point that I cannot get comfortable or in any pain, but I just wake up every hour it seems like and it takes me a while to go back to sleep.  I always thought that people said not being able to sleep was to prepare you for a baby was just a wives tell and it was because you are uncomfortable and too big in the end, but I was reading in my baby book that your body does prepare for lack of sleep when the baby comes so maybe that is what I have going on.  Even though I do not sleep great I don't wake up feeling super tired or anything so I am not really complaining, because I know the days of feeling good are numbered.

Food Eating: I have not been feeling well at all the past few days, Saturday was super busy and i didn't have time for lunch, and we were going out to a really nice dinner for our anniversary that night (more on that later) so I did not want to eat a late lunch and be full.  On our way to dinner I was feeling just awful, and I assumed it was due to not eating.  I ordered a sprite at dinner which helped, and after dinner I thought everything was OK.  Well I woke up several times that night not feeling well and it has not gone away since.  I was telling my mom I can't really put my finger on it because I don't have a whole lot of symptoms.  I feel like I did in my first trimester, just nauseous and on the verge of puking.  I am hoping it is just a bug and will pass soon.

Movement: More and more everyday!  I have not been able to see him moving by just looking at my belly, but I can definitely feel it, and so can anyone else.

What I miss: I am not missing anything this week, and loving every minute of this special time.

What I am looking forward to: This really doesn't have anything to do with Hudson, but something i am really excited about, and that is my sister having her baby!  She is scheduled to have a C-section July 8th, but she has definitely progressing toward labor.  She passed her mucus plug a few weeks ago, and has been having some pretty good contractions lately, but she is still only dilated to a 1.  We actually had to spend a few hours at the hospital Friday night because her blood pressure got really high, and she needed to be monitored.  They told her to stay on bed rest and she goes back Thursday to see if she has progressed anymore.  I will definitely keep you all updated on how she is doing....I am hoping Maddie stays put until after this weekend because I am giving Ashley's baby shower, and would like for her to be there :).

Best Moment of the Week: We FINALLY got started on the process of our nursery.  I say process because we have to clean out our office and get it painted before we can actually start on Hudson's room.  We have the office ready to be painted, and I cleaned out the guest bedroom closet.  So hopefully we will be really getting started on the nursery in the next week.  I just feel better knowing we have done something to get ready for our little man.

Here we are this week, after looking at this I need to tell Luke to zoom a little closer next time.

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