Anniversary Weekend

We celebrated our anniversary last weekend, and it was just what I needed.  I feel like for some time now we have spent so much time traveling for weddings and attending them that we have not done anything for ourselves, so this was a long overdue date night.  We debated on going on a trip, but I wanted nothing more than to stay home and have a weekend of doing nothing but enjoying ourselves.  Luke told me a while back that he had the anniversary plans taken care of and for me to not ask any questions......fine by me!  He told me on Friday that I had an appointment Saturday at 1 for a mani/pedi and prenatal massage.  That was just what this tired body and swollen feet needed, I walked out of the spa feeling so relaxed and ready for my next surprise.  He told me we had dinner reservations at 6:30 at Kayne Prime, and I was so excited, because I had heard about Kayne a few months back and have been dying to try it.  Before we went to dinner he wanted to give me my gift, and this is what I opened (looking at this picture I can really tell how swollen my hands are)

I saw these Pandora stack able rings when I went to pick a charm up for my mom for mothers day, and fell in love with them.  I decided to add them to my wish list, and there are actually four that I picked out, and he got me two of them.  They are the perfect everyday rings, and will go with anything.  I actually jumped the gun on Luke's gift and gave it to him early.  Luke had a dinosaur phone that would turn off all the time and he didn't get half of his calls.  He has never had anything other than a basic phone, so I got him a new EVO phone.  He absolutely loved it, and has not stopped playing with it since.

After opening gifts we headed to dinner, and I am not going to lie I was a little worried, because a lot of the reviews I read about Kayne were not that great, but I still wanted to try it out.  I have no clue what those people were talking about because we loved it, I will say you have to have a love for food and know good food to be able to appreciate it.  When we pulled in the valet line and Reba McEntire pulled up right behind us I knew the place must be good.  Living in Nashville pretty much my whole life I have seen quite a few country music singers out and about, and let me tell you I have never been as star struck as I was seeing Reba.  We were standing right next to each other waiting for our husbands to talk to the valet guys, and I could not get a word out (not sure what I would have said, but it did not matter because my mouth could not form words).  I had my camera on my shoulder, and did think about asking for a picture, but one of the reasons celebs have said to love Nashville is because people do not bother them, so I did not want to be that girl when she was just out having dinner with her family.  We walked into Kayne and I immediately loved the feel and decor of the place, the whole front part is an open air bar which was really cool.  It had very masculine features of a steakhouse with hardwood floors and a butcher block wall, yet dainty more girlish features with chandeliers.  We were sat immediately and first up we had the Duck Nachos, which were so good I didn't even snap a picture when they first came to the table.

For our main course we shared a 24 oz, yep you read that right bone in dry aged rib eye.  We decided to share because we knew it was the best steak and I get full so easily know I knew it would be plenty.  Let me tell you this steak did not disappoint, it was seasoned perfectly and cooked to perfection.  What I loved was it was not overpowered with seasoning, you could just taste the quality of beef.  We had it topped off with the bone marrow butter.  This was the only steak we tried so I don't have anything to compare it to, but I would definitely recommend it to anyone going to Kayne.  The only thing that would have made it better was a big glass of red wine :).  For our sides we had potatoes Au gratin and the cream corn brulee.  The potatoes were great, but the corn was the star of the show it was by far the best side dish I have ever put in my mouth, and if you go to Kayne it is a MUST.  Here are a few pictures I took before I dove into my meal.

A lot of the reviews said the service was not good, but we did not experience that at all.  It could be because we were sitting close to Reba, so we had the same server, and I would say they had their best server taking care of her.  Overall we had a wonderful experience at Kayne, and cannot wait to go back.

After dinner we were so stuffed we could not move, so we just went back to our hotel room to relax.  Luke even remembered to bring our wedding cake earlier in the day so we could have it after dinner.  I was so shocked that after a year in the freezer it still tasted great!  Here it is a year later, you can tell the heat got to it a little bit......

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband who knows me so well, and knew just what I needed for our anniversary weekend.  Speak of I hope everyone has a great weekend, I am throwing my sisters baby shower so I will have a full recap next week :)

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