37 Weeks

Hudson is FULL TERM today, I am not holding my breath that he will be here early, but it feels good to know that if he decides to make his debut from here on out everything will be OK.  I can honestly say I fully understand the "miserable stage", my sister always talked about it, and now I get it.  My mom told me the other day that she has not thought pregnancy has slowed me down at all....until now.  I am not complaining, because I know it will be worth it, and I am just thankful that it doesn't last that long.  I know it will be like the sickness in the first trimester....I will forget all about it.  I am actually praying that Hudson stays put until Wednesday, because my parents left for a short business (well business for my dad) trip to Charlotte this morning.  I think my mom was a little skeptical about leaving, but I told her it would be fine to go have fun, because I don't think he will be here before Wednesday.  Not to mention it will be good for her to get away, and have some fun before she has two babies on her hands.

Weight Gain: I had gained 3 lbs at my appointment last week, but my Dr told me not to worry, I was pretty swollen that day, so she thinks it was probably water weight.  I have been drinking a ton of water to help with the swelling and hopefully I will have a better visit to the scale this week.
Sleep: sleep...what is that?  I am getting less sleep the closer I get to my due date.  I have a hard time getting comfortable , and then when I do I have to get up to go to the restroom.  I have decided that someone could make a lot of money if they had a video of me getting out of bed....it is quite comical.  I felt more tired than normal last week.  I took several naps, which is uncommon for me, because I have never been one to take naps.  I guess this is how it will be when Hudson gets here.....sneak in sleep when I can.

Food/Eating:  nothing new to report in this department.  Like sleep, the closer i get to my due date the less i eat.  The only serious craving I had last week was a cherry limeade from Sonic. 

Movement: It is getting really bizarre seeing him move now.  I can actually see limbs poking out, and sometimes it looks like an alien trying to get out of my stomach.  He can tell that he likes to stay on my left side, and I can see his little butt poking out all the time. 

Progress: When she checked my cervix last week she said I was about 1/2 way thinned out, but not dilated yet.  She could tell I had made progress from the week before so that is a step in the right direction.  As long as I am making some kind of progress I am a happy mama.  She said that it is common for women in their first pregnancy to thin out before they start to dilate.  I am just hoping that I am still progressing toward labor when I go on Wednesday.

What I miss: I am really missing just feeling normal.  I hate feeling like I cannot do anything, and being so worn out all the time.  I am still waiting for nesting to kick in, because my house still needs a good cleaning, but right now I just do not feel like I have it in me.  I was looking over some old pics, and I am so ready to get back in shape and having energy again.

Best Moment of the Week: Two of my really good girlfriends Leigh and Ali came over for a visit yesterday.  I feel like I don't get out and see many people these days, so its nice when people come to see me :)

Here we are this week...I am pulling my dress tight, so it looks like of funny.

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