13 Weeks

I was thirteen weeks yesterday, and thank goodness I am close to what they call the "honeymoon trimester".  Technically you are not through your first trimester until you are fourteen weeks, so I am hoping all of the sickness will be completely gone in a week or so.  My sister says it is amazing how much better I will feel once I hit the 14 week mark.  I have been feeling a lot better, because instead of being sick ALL of the time it just comes in waves and doesn't last that long.  Recently I have been battling sinus/allergy problems.  I have always had TERRIBLE allergies so its pretty normal, but I can't take my normal meds so it has been a little worse.  I have also been having really bad headaches, again this is something that is normal for me, but I don't want to take Tylenol all the time, and they are starting to make me crazy.  I feel like I walk around with headaches 24/7 I have heard that headaches can be another symptom of pregnancy, did anyone else have this problem....any safe remedies you can recommend?  When I went to the Dr. last week I had lost a pound so I still have not gained any weight, but I sure it will come.  I am starting to show, and none of my jeans fit comfortably.  I didn't expect to show so soon, and its really odd since I am not gaining any weight.  I bought my first pair of maternity jeans and they were so weird at first, but I love them now.  I cannot get enough fruit, but I'm not sure if it is a craving or just the warm weather approaching.  Even when I was not pregnant I was very sensitive to smell, I can smell something funny and it will make me sick, so you can imagine how it is being pregnant.  There are really too many things to name that the smell makes me sick.  I have tried to cover all of the questions that people usually ask me, but hopefully I will get better at these weekly updates.  My birthday is Friday so hopefully by next week I will have a shiny new camera and can post pictures.  I hope everyone has a great day!


  1. Hey! Congrats! I had terrible headaches too. I talked to my obgyn about it and she asked me if I had cut out caffeine 100 percent. I told her I had and she said that mixed with hormones caused the headaches. She told me that when I feel one coming on, to drink one of those small cokes... The half-sized ones and that would help. She was right! After I did that the headache would go away. Sometimes if it was really bad I drank a small coke and took Tylenol. The 2nd trimester is by far the best... Enjoy it!!!!

  2. Wish I could be at your birthday bash! Love you (and that little nugget!!)