38 Weeks

I was 38 weeks pregnant with Hudson yesterday and swamped at work, so I am a day late on my post.  Things have been about the same this past week, just playing a waiting game.  I wish I could just get in my head that he will be coming late and not wonder EVERY.SINGLE.DAY if today is going to be "the" day.  I have tried really hard, and been really patient for the most part, but I have realized it is next to impossible not to wake up wondering when he will come.  Some days I feel like he is going to fall out and some days I feel like he could stay put for a long time.  I think another reason I am so anxious is everyone has their opinion on when they think he will come, so with each day passing I wonder if they are right.  I will post every one's predictions in a separate post, and if you want to get in on the guessing game feel free to let me know when you think he will come.  We had a wonderful weekend full of relaxation, which is just what I needed.  Sunday I had a random burst of energy and we cleaned our house top to bottom.  I have had no desire to do housework for quite some time, so Luke has been taking up the slack.  It feels so good to have a nice clean house, and I am hoping we can keep it that way, so we will have a clean house to come home to after Hudson is born.  In the back of my head I wondered if he would come Sunday night, because a lot of people have told me when you give your house a good clean and organizing then he is coming very soon. Here is what we have going on this week:

Total Weight Gain: I stayed the same weight at my appointment last week, so I am still at 33 lbs, and hoping it stays that way.

Sleep: My sleep changes day to day, some are better than others.  I have been getting some pretty decent nights sleep the past few nights, and I am so thankful for that.  This weekend was pretty random, Saturday I felt like a zombie and fell asleep every time I sat down, and Sunday I went non-stop until about 10 that night.

Food/Eating: I am pretty sure I have eaten my weight in Lucky Charms this week.  I cannot stop thinking about them, and there have been some nights that is all I want for dinner.

Movement: His movement is about the same this week, slowing down but I can still tell he is there.  I told Luke the other day, sometimes I feel like the inside of my stomach is bruised.  I will be so sore by the afternoon from him moving and stretching so much.....my mom said I was the same way.

Progress: I was pretty bummed when I went to the Dr last Wednesday, and I had not made any progress from the week before.  I know it is common, but I couldn't help being a little disappointed.  I have been really active this week, so I am hoping it will help with making some progress when I go tomorrow.  I try to walk everyday, and I swam four days last week.  Let me tell you ladies, if you are pregnant and have access to a pool, do yourself a favor and swim as much as possible.  I am pretty confident being in a pool is the best feeling in the world, plus it is great exercise.  I can tell such a difference on the mornings after I have swam, I do not wake up feeling like my whole body hurts.  I am so thankful that my parents have a pool that I can use whenever I want, so  I am trying to make an effort to go everyday.  I usually swim laps, do squats, and just bounce up and down in the water to help loosen my muscles and prepare for labor.

What I miss: I am really not missing anything this week, just trying to enjoy every minute of him being in my belly.

Best Moment of the week: This probably sounds weird, but getting my house cleaned was the best moment for me this week.  I am not really a neat freak, but I cannot stand filth, and our house was getting pretty gross.  Luke is really good about keeping things picked up, but I am the "deep cleaner" in our house.  It had been driving me nuts, but I didn't have the energy to clean, so it was nice I could help Luke and we could get it done before Hudson gets here.  We also go all of our laundry done, which had been pretty neglected as well.

This may be the worst picture I have posted, but here we are this week:

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  1. "How much weight have you gained? Well, how much did you weight before???" - Crazy broad.

    I think with MY LUCK, sweet baby Hudson will be born on Sept. 5th... The day that I step onto a cruise for 5 days and have no cell service.