One Month

Hello there.....remember me?  I have so many posts that I want to do, but I really want to keep up with Hudson's stats every month, so I am going backwards for a while.  I sat down one day and wrote out his birth story, walked away to nurse, came back, blogger had messed up, and did not save my draft.  I am hoping to get everyone up to speed in the next few weeks.

We went to the pediatrician on Monday for your one month check up and thank god you are a healthy baby.  At one month old you weight 7 lbs 4 oz, just two ounces above your birth weight (another post on that later).  You have grown an inch and a half since birth, so its looking like you are going to take after your uncle Conner and be tall and thin, I am sure if you have a sister she will be blessed with mom's short stumpy frame....poor thing.  You are still wearing newborn clothes for the most part, but I have been putting 0-3 month clothes on you, because you can wear then in length.....just working on filling them out.  You are starting to get into somewhat of a routine, but it varies day to day.  You eat about every two hours, even at night, and you are still breast feeding.  I have heard that some babies are independent sleepers, and you ARE NOT one of those babies.  The only way you will sleep at night is snuggled up next to mommy, now I know everyone has their opinion on this (trust me I have heard them), but after several nights of absolutely no sleep I realized really quick that I would do anything to get sleep.  I know that I will pay for it later, but this is what works for us for now, and I don't mind snuggling with my baby at night.  You refuse to be swaddled and love your paci.  Your favorite place to nap is on your daddy's shoulder, and if you are ever put down you like your swing.  The color in your eyes has not come in yet, but they are looking more and more brown everyday.  This is the only indication that you are my child, otherwise you are your daddy made over.  You love getting a bath, and hate being cold.  You normally smile randomly, but Monday morning you responded to my voice and smiled at me......talk about melting your mommy's heart.  You are in size one diapers, only because I am out of newborn and have too many size one to go out and buy more diapers.  You are a very good baby, and only fuss when you are hungry, sometimes I forget to change your diaper, because you don't even fuss when its wet/dirty.  We have decided that you are probably going to be laid back like your daddy, but there is no doubt you will be all boy.  You made your first trip out to Paw Paw's farm on Saturday, and he showed you the gun you will be getting one day (not sure if I am ready for that).  You continue to amaze us everyday, and we cannot believe that you are all ours.  We love you so much, and cannot wait to see you grow and change everyday.


  1. ooohh, so sweet! i cannot wait to meet that precious baby!!!

  2. What an adorable baby boy! Y'all are going to be such wonderful parents and I look forward to reading more of your monthly updates on him! :)