Two Months

I can't believe my baby is already two months old!  Sometimes it seems like it has flown by, and others it feels like we have had him forever.  We went for his two month well check this morning, and it hurt my heart so much to see him get shots.  Here is what is going on at two months.

Hudson, at two months old you weigh 8lbs 5 ounces, and you are 22 inches long.  You are still on the tall skinny side, and I just keep waiting for you to hit a growth spurt.  All of your frineds that were born around the same time as you are so much bigger, but that is OK the Dr. said there is no need for concern and you are right on track.

You are still strickly breastfed, and we have it down now.  It started out really rough, but you are a pro now, and you even nursed in public for the first time this past month.  You usually nurse for about 10 minutes on each side every 2-3 hours.  There are times you get fussy and want to nurse for comfort, but you are still not a huge eater.  You have a touch of reflux and spit up ALL THE TIME.

We have officially established a bedtime routine that we try to stick to as much as possible.  We let you have a little tummy time, mommy and daddy give you a bath, we read a book, eat, and then its bedtime.  You are sleeping in your cosleeper all the time now, and we are hoping to move you into your crib this month.  You slept through the night for the first time a few weeks ago, and your mommy woke up in a panic thinking something was wrong with you.  It only happened that one night, but thats OK.  You have developed a little bit of a routine at night, we usually have your last feeding between 7 and 8, you are up at 12:00, 3:00, and usually up for good around 6.  Some nights you sleep through your 12:00 feeding, but it is rare.

You still come to work with mommy majority of the time, but I started leaving you with Nana some last week.

You are developing such a little personality, and smile a lot more these days.  You also like to "talk" to us, which melts our hearts.

You are such a strong little boy, and hold your head up really well.

You love to be propped up on our shoulders when you are held, so you can look around.

Mommy calls you my "busy little boy".  You are constantly looking around, rubbing your hands together, kicking your feet, and moving. 

You love to shop with mommy :)

You think your daddy and Jax are hilarious.

                                                      You made several trips out to the farm

Celebrated your first holiday.

Wore jeans for the first time

Watched lots of football with daddy.

Melted our hearts with your sweet smiles

Wore camo for the first time.

Went to see santa

Had to get shots.

and here you are this morning snoozing away...

Hudson, words cannot describe the joy you bring to our lives.  We are feeling exceptionally blessed to have you as the holidays approach, and we are so excited for Christmas this year.  We cannot wait for santa to come visit you, even if you have no clue what it is all about :)

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  1. What a little angel child!! Look at him sleeping with his arms under his chin. So sweet Amber!