Easter 2012.

Hudson had a wonderful first Easter.  The Easter Bunny visited him in three different places, he is one blessed little boy.  We woke up bright and early to get ready for church, and he found this:

Of course we had to play with all of his loot.

After his bath I started getting him ready, and the meltdown begins...

He finally got it together, and we headed to church.  After church we stopped by Luke's grandmothers house for a little while. 

Luke's Parents


All the kiddos

                                       By the time we got to my family he was all worn out.
After a power nap it was back to picture taking.

Getting love from Jill.

The best picture of the day.

Next up, pictures with Maddie

We are starting to lose them.

There goes the bow....

Over it.

The grass is way more fun.

Macy Kate took a spill in the driveway as soon as she got there, so this is the extent of her picture taking.
After we finished eating, and cleaned up we headed to Nana and Paw Paw's to get their Easter baskets.

We had such a wonderful Easter, and feel so blessed.  I hope everyone else had a great Easter.

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