Ramblings Of A Tired Mama.

Yep, you read it right, we are still not sleeping well.  Most days I am OK without sleep, but today I feel like a zombie.  Hudson was up no less than 4 times last night.  I really don't even have words or want advice, hopefully he will sleep one day.  My mom said I never slept....payback I guess.  People still lecture me all the about having him in the bed with us, I am fully aware that I am creating a monster.  I have to get some sort of sleep, if he sleeps better in the bed with us, I will deal with the consequences later.

We had 6 month pictures taken a few weeks ago, Candice is still working on editing, but here are a few she has finished.  Gosh I love this little man.

Luke's parents bought him a red wagon, and we have been taking walks everyday.  We also used it for his pictures, I can't wait to see how the others turn out.

We have been loving this weather, and being able to grill out.  One of my favorite things to grill are kabobs.  I pretty much use whatever meat we have, and clean out all the veggies (and fruit) left in my fridge.

                Speaking of food, these last 10 lbs of baby weight is going to be the death of me.

I love these navy and white Keds my mom bought Hudson.  I also love little one piece summer outfits.

I broke down and started reading the Hunger Games on Sunday....I am halfway through book two.  I need to finish these soon, because my Husband and child are being neglected.

We have been working on using a sippy cup.  He usually just plays with it.

I was so proud of myself for being on top of things, and buying the liner for Hudson's Easter basket months ago......I still have not bough the basket.

Speaking of Easter, we are taking him to see the Easter bunny tomorrow, I will be back with a full recap on Monday.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!

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