Ghouls at Grassmere.

We loaded the kids up and headed to the zoo last night for their annual "Ghouls at Grassmere."  It was the first time I have ever been, and it was such a neat event for the kiddos.  Let me warn you, have a glass....better yet a bottle of wine ready when you get home.  It was absolutely insane.  Imagine hundreds of kids running around in costumes on a candy high.  Factor in a toddler who thinks he is mister independent, and wants to run around like crazy all.by.himself.  Needless to say it was a rough Monday morning for this mama.  Being the procrastinator that I am I waited until yesterday morning to worry about a costume, I had no idea what I wanted him to be.  I spotted the K-mart ad in the Sunday paper, and it was adverting their costumes for 50% off.....SOLD!  They did not have too many options for toddlers, but I came across the most adorable/hilarious costume I think I have ever seen.  I immediately snagged it up and headed home.  Feast your eyes on the "stinking" cutest skunk you have ever seen.

He will for sure kill me for this one day.

I am not kidding you all, we have laughed for hours on end at this costume.  It was such a huge hit at the zoo. People kept coming up to us wanting to take pictures of him.  I need to find a costume contest, because I think we could make some major moolah with this costume.  After a serious meltdown, and crying for a little while he finally succumbed to moms torture, and kept the hood on for the entire time we were at the zoo. I think our group had the cutest kids at the zoo....duh!

Most 3 year olds want to be some sort of princess....not our Macy Kate. 


I die.

The best was when he walked. 


                                                                 Family picture fail.

The kids had such a good time, and we cannot wait to go back next year!  We are going to milk our membership as much as possible until it gets too cold.  All of the kids were so confused why we couldn't see the animals, so I think we will be taking them back during the day this weekend.  For someone who is never really jazzed about Halloween I have had a blast this year, and it's not even the actual holiday yet.  I have a feeling we are going to have fun with this one for a while, and I definitely see it in a slide show one day ;)

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