Maddie Turns Two!

When Maddie was born on July 3rd two years ago, we all thought she would grow up hating her birthday being so close to a holiday.  Well girlfriend has it made, for the past two years we have celebrated her birthday on the 3rd, because everyone is off work the 4th, and she gets a party.  I would say she got a pretty good deal.  This year Ashley wanted to keep it simple, so she had a mermaid/pool party at my parents house.  She did such a great job, and everything turned out so cute!

I am definitely planning on reigning myself in this year, and doing a simple party for Hudson's 2nd Birthday!


Family Vacation 2013 Part Three: "Professional Pictures"

Last year we hired someone to do our family pictures at the beach.  After paying our money, getting rained out one day, and not receiving all of our pictures, Connie decided she wanted a new camera.  So last Christmas she got a super nice "fancy" camera, and we did our own pictures this year.  Connie has always been the "picture" person in our family.  She makes sure we all have the best memories from our trips.  We decided that each family would choose a different color, and I think they all turned out so cute!  Luke and his family went to visit a family friend the night of pictures so you will notice he is missing in some of them.  They got back just before dark, so we were able to get some good shots.

Best Friends.

Brother and Sister.

Maddie is obsessed with Nicholas.

Where's my family?

Sorry for the picture overload.  Sadly that is the end of my vacation pictures, but we will be back before we know it!  I'll leave you with a comparison from last year, my baby is a little boy now.