Sullivan Hugh Graves

I took full advantage of my maternity leave this go around, and enjoyed my kids.  With Hudson I was in a rush to get back to work, but not this time.  I can honestly say that I enjoyed the newborn experience with Sullivan so much more.  If I wanted to sit and hold him for an entire day rather than getting stuff done around the house, that is what I did.  That is what most of my days the last 6 weeks consisted of.  That is the reason I am just now blogging.  I took a break from everything to enjoy my kids.  I am going to attempt to get caught up on the past six weeks, but I am going to start with Sullivan's birth story.

I have to say, my kids are stubborn and they have to be forced out of the womb, but they sure do make it easy on their mama once it is time to come.  I will take being a week overdue for a easy delivery any day.

Since I was almost completely effaced at my last visit they didn't have to give me the meds to thin out. and they would induce at 6AM on March 31st.  We arrived at the hospital at 5AM, got checked in, and went to the waiting room until the nurse came to get us.  By 6:30 we were settled in and the nurse had started Pitocin. I was still dilated to a three when I came in.  Everything was calm in terms of contractions for a while.  My doctor came in around 8 and broke my water.  Like my  labor with Hudson my contractions come strong and fast after my water broke.  I was dilated between a 5 and 6 around 10:30 and couldn't take the pain anymore.  It was time to wave my white flag, and ask for my epidural. I was having some really strong contractions while getting my epidural, thank God I had a wonderful nurse that helped me breathe through them.  I think if Luke had to stand up he would have passed out.  He just quietly rubbed my foot.  After getting my epidural all was good in the neighborhood.  I was for sure I had progressed after the painful contractions during the epidural, but I was still the same when she checked me.  She checked me 45 minutes later, and I was fully dilated.  That was right at noon.  She called my Dr, she said for me to "labor down" for a bit, and she would be there at 12:30.  Let me just say I had the PERFECT epidural.  I never felt pain but I never went totally numb.  I could still move and feel my legs a little bit, and I could feel pressure.  It was so much better, and easier to push being able to feel that pressure.  My Dr arrived at 12:30, my A team assembled, and it was go time.  I had my sister (who is the best L&D coach,) my mom, aunt, and sister in law helping me push.  Luke manned the perfect position out of the way, and at the top of the bed so he didn't get light headed.  I do think he saw more this time than he did with Hudson.  I heard him say "oh my gosh" at one point.  At 12:55 my sweet baby boy was brought into the world.  He was screaming, and perfect.  My Dr put him straight to my chest, and I felt that instant love all over again.  They took him to clean him up and weigh him, and I could not believe it when they said he weighed 8lbs 9oz!  I thought he was going to be bigger than Hudson, but not that big.  He was 21 inches long.  I could not get over how much he looked like Hudson when he was first born, but he doesn't look so much like him anymore.  It is true when they say that it is easier the second time around.  I am so thankful for all of the people who have been there for us, and came to visit our sweet baby boy.  He is such a blessing to our family, and I cannot wait to watch him grow up.  Here are the pictures someone snapped on my phone.  We brought Hudson in to meet him almost immediately, and i thought my heart would explode.

This was right before we went home.  It is funny how different things are with the second baby.  We didn't get the cute family picture.

I officially go back to work Monday morning, and I am going to miss my boys like crazy.  I have enjoyed them so much .  I think it will be good for us to get back on a routine, and it will certainly be better for my wallet.