Two Months-Sullivan

It is so hard to believe my sweet boy is two months old.  I am savoring every moment of this "newborn" stage.  I know how quickly it passes, and I don't want to take a moment for granted.

Sullivan you are seriously the best baby.  I am not just saying that either.  Your brother was a very hard baby, so I know without a doubt I am not being biased.  The only time you really cry is if you are hungry, or your tummy is upset.  You don't even mind wet/dirty diapers. We had your 2 Month well check on Monday, and you barely even cried when you got shots.  Your future brothers/sisters can thank you, because of you mommy and daddy will continue to procreate.

Stats:  You are long and lean my friend.  You weighed 10 lbs 7oz on Monday, and you are 23.5 inches long.  That is 75% in height, and 10% in weight.  Your hands and feet are HUGE, so I had a feeling you would be tall.  You are finally starting to fit into some of your three month clothes.  Everything is still pretty bulky on you, but you are so long it fits in length. I have a feeling you will be living in onesies this summer.  You HATE to be hot.

Eating: We are still nursing.  Mommy can't keep up with you so we have to supplement 2oz of formula after most feedings.  You don't mind the formula and take a bottle like a champ.  You are still eating every 2-3 hours during the day.

Sleep: Praise the good Lord above you are sleeping through the night!!!!  Can we all get a AMEN??  I have been skeptical to even talk about it in fear of jinxing it.  For about a week and a half now you have been sleeping consistently from 9-9:30 to 5-5:30.  This is so manageable for mom.  You wake up between 3-3:30 almost every night, and need your paci put in your mouth.  Sometimes it take a few times, and mom has to hold it in your mouth.  I have been very adamant about you not being in our bed, and I have to pat myself on the back for sticking to my guns.  For the first month of your life I slept with you on my chest either in bed, or in the recliner.  You sleep in a bassinet next to our bed now.  You have to be swaddled up tight,  white noise on, and a dark room for you to fall asleep.  I always put you in the bassinet when you are awake, so you have taught yourself to fall asleep.  Keep up the good work buddy, mommy appreciates it.

Milestones: You are starting to track us around the room, and it is so sweet.  You have really good head control.  You have started to "coo" and it is about the sweetest thing ever.  We read every night, and then I put you on my knees and we have our nightly "talk."

Brotherly Love: oh your brother.  We had a bit of a problem with him wanting to hold you when you were about a month old.  It had not been a problem before then, so I didn't think anything about it when I ran to my room to get dressed.  I heard your brother say "baby spit up"  followed by some "grunting."  When I went to get you, and turned the corner I see the grunting is from your brother carrying you by your neck up the steps.  I went weak in the knees.  I calmly told him not to move in fear of him dropping you, and thank goodness you were not hurt.  You are no longer left alone with your brother in the room for even a second.  Last week I had you laying on the bed, and I was standing in front of you talking to you, and your brother was sitting beside you.  Your brother leaned down to your hand and I thought he was kissing you.  When you let out a scream like I have never heard from you before I realized he was biting you.  I have no idea where it came from.  Of all the mischief your brother gets into, biting has never been a problem.  Not only can he not be left alone with you, we cannot let him near you without watching his every move.  Then, moments like these make me think maybe  he does love you, and will let you survive your first year of life.

I have a feeling once you are big enough there will be some major payback.  No matter how much you all fight I hope you will always remember you will never have a better friend than your brother.

Here are some more pics from the past few months.

You LOVE taking a bath. 

You are the biggest blessing to our family. I didn't know if there was room in my heart to love another child as much as I love your brother. I realized the moment you were born that I could love you just as much.  You are so calm and laid back, just like your daddy.We are so excited to watch you grow into your own little personality.  We love you more than words could ever say!