7 Months-Sullivan

Sully man turned 7 months last Friday.  I cannot believe it.  I thought time went fast with Hudson, it is nothing compared to the second child.

Stats: You are a whopping 23.5 lbs, and 30 inches long.  That puts you in the 98th % for both height and weight.  Big boy.  You are in 12-18 month clothes, and outgrowing them quickly.  You wear size 5 diapers.

Eating:  You went through a little period where you didn't want to eat as much baby food.  You were pretty congested so I think that made you not have much of an appetite.  You are back to normal now, and eating baby food three times a day.  You also take 4-6 ounces every 2-3 hours.  We also started giving you puffs and you love them.

Sleep: Unfortunately things have not gotten better in this department.  We always take a bath after dinner, which you absolutely love.  I lay you down between 7-8, and you always do well going to sleep.  After that you are up anywhere between 2-3 times until wake up for good between 6-7.  I thought getting in our new house and having your own room would help, but I guess that is just wishful thinking.  We have started a little sleep training.  I let you cry for about 30 minutes the last two nights before I couldn't take it anymore.  I also worry about you waking your brother when you cry.  Lord knows we need to let that bear sleep.

Milestones: Sitting up is the only new development here. You have shown zero and I mean zero interest in moving beyond the sitting position.  I am completely ok with that.  You stay where you are as long as you want buddy.  You love to sit in the floor and play, or in your bouncy seat.  You love love love being outside, and never make a peep as long as we are out.  You have been riding in Hudson's old car, and love it.  You also love Bella.  She loves to lick your snot.

Other: You have had quite the funky cold the past month it seems like.  I started using essential oils to clear it up, and it has worked wonders.  You no longer wake up covered in snot, and have a runny nose all day.  You still do not have any teeth.  Your brother still calls you "my baby."  He rarely refers to you by name.  He is still too rough with you.  I cannot wait for the day you give it back to him.  His days are numbered, and you should have a lot of payback built up.  I know you all will be so close growing up ,but I foresee lots of fighting.

I will say it again.  You are the best baby.  You smile ALL time time, and can light up a room with your smile.  You have so many people that love you.  Your daddy and I love you more than anything!  We are so excited to have you with us through the holidays this year!

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