Halloween 2014

This Halloween was thrown together at the very last minute.  With craziness of the move (more on that in another post) it just slipped my mind to get costumes.  Also, the fact that the only thing Hudson would tell me he wanted to be was "Elsa" left me at a loss.  I kept thinking something else would strike his interest, so I put off buying anything.  Now that he has ALLL the opinions I wanted to make sure he picked his own costume.  I was perfectly fine with him being Elsa, but Luke was not having it.  Something clicked TWO DAYS before and he wanted to be a pirate.  I have no idea where it came from, but I ran with it before he changed his mind.  The girls were Anna and Elsa, so we thought it would be cute for Sully to be Olaf.  Even though we failed to take any pictures of them together.  Not that any parents effort was worth it since it was sub zero temps, and everyone had to wear jackets.  We made it down half a street before I took Sully home, and Hudson stayed with the "big kids."  We failed to take any pics, so I will leave you with the few I snapped before we left.

Sullivan REALLY wanted that sword. 

Hopefully next year we will be a little more organized.

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  1. I am cracking up at Hudson wanting to be Elsa! Too funny!!