His Little Feet

This past weekend we had the blessing of  hosting  two kids and their chaperone  from His Little Feet choir.

Here is a description of His Little Feet from their website:

" His Little Feet's Children's Choir travels the United States, being the voice for orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide.  The purpose of the choir is to bring awareness to the millions of children around the world in need of care, as well as facilitate opportunities for Americans to respond to the needs of children through giving, sponsoring, going, and adopting."

This is the second year the choir has been to our church, and I am in awe of these children each time I see them perform.  Each of the children have lost either one, or both of their parents.  You would never know any of these kids have had a difficult life by their demeanor.  They are so full of life, and you can see the work that God is doing through them.

We had Duhtea, Mawitea, and Uncle Josh staying with us.  Both of the boys are 11, and they are from India. I picked them up from church Friday afternoon, and we went home to a eager little boy ready to meet his "new buddies."  We had dinner together, and then the boys went upstairs to burn off some energy since they had drove in from Knoxville.  We sat around the table talking to Josh about his life, and the program.  He is such an amazing human being, and His Little Feet is so lucky to have him on their team.  He is following God's calling and truly changing lives along with way......how many of us can say that?  He was so good with all of the kids all weekend, and really has gift for what he does.  After the boys played for a while, then it was time to go to bed since we had a big day planned Saturday.  We woke up bright and early to have breakfast.  Everyone got ready, and we headed to the Adventure Science Museum.  We have never been so we didn't know what to expect, but it was pretty awesome.  The boys had a blast.

We were so impressed with how we put a handful of supplies on the table, and Duhtea made a pretty impressive airplane, and Mawitea made a sling shot.  Josh later told us that in India they make their own toys.  

After playing for a few hours we headed home to have lunch.  Josh runs the sound for the choir so he and Luke went to the church for a bit and I stayed home with all of the boys.  The weather was gorgeous here, so we took the opportunity to play outside for a while.  The boys loved Hudson's power wheel.

Once the battery ran out of the car we decided to go in to watch  Cars. 

These boys were so kind and loving.  They loved on Sully and Hudson all weekend long.  

Saturday night we had a family dinner, and just relaxed the rest of the night because the big show was bright and early Sunday morning.  I dropped the boys and Josh off at church at 7am to get ready for the performance.  They performed at our 8:30 and 11:00 services.  For the second year in a row I was moved to tears when they performed. This year I felt like I had two of my own children performing.  Along with a concert they show a short video that forces you to think about what is going on in the world.  Did you know there are 153 million orphans worldwide?  We often get so caught up in what is going on in our own bubble that we don't stop and think about the big picture.  I am just as guilty of this as the next person.  

When we signed up to be a host family for the weekend I thought to myself "I wonder why they don't stay in hotels."  I now know why.  The whole purpose of His Little Feet is to bring awareness to adoption.  Having these kids in your home, and spending all weekend with them makes you open your eyes.  Not only that, it was such an amazing experience getting to know theses kids, and Josh.  In just two short days we learned so much about ourselves, our faith, and what we want for our family. I know for us HLF served their purpose. Our lives are forever changed, we will no longer live in the dark, and make efforts to help with this huge problem going on in our world.  I am not exactly sure what that means for us, but we started by sponsoring another Compassion child.  I will do another blog post on Compassion. 

I am so grateful we were able to have this experience, and we will continue to host for years to come.   I am so thankful to Christa and Mike for founding His Little Feet.  I can't even imagine the leap of faith it took, but I am so thankful they did.  Duhtea, Mawitea, and the entire HLF choir will forever be imprinted on our hearts.  I hope and pray that whatever their future holds it is bright, and full of love.  Every child deserves that. 

If you want to know more about His Little Feet you can visit their website here .  I hope that everyone gets to experience this choir at some point, it will definitely change your life. We are already looking forward to next year!