Sully is ONE!!

I say this every month, but I cannot believe you are ONE!  Where did time go?  You are so sweet, and so much fun these days I just want time to stand still.  I have been in such denial that I neglected to make your one year well check, so I do not have any stats on you.  BIG is all I can say sweet boy.  We had a "construction" themed birthday party for you, and you are one loved little boy.  In this past year you have taught us that there is room in our hearts to love another child just as much as we do your brother.  We have also learned  the same parents can have two totally different children.  We love your brother more than words, but I think God knew we needed a little easier baby the second time around.  You are completely difference than him in every way.  We love you both just the same.  I am sure you two will get into plenty of trouble growing up, but I have a feeling you will be the voice of reason.  Here is what is going on with you these days.

Eating: You are pretty much on all table food now.  We still give you the pouches when we are on the go, and you love them.  You are starting to get a little more picky,  You would eat anything we put in front of you, and now you are turning your nose up at stuff.  You never turn down a waffle.  You also love fruit.  We transitioned you to milk about a month ago, and you did so well with it.  You still take a bottle to sleep, but we are working on weaning you off of it.  You do well with sippy cups too.

Sleeping: You were getting up at least once at night, but for the past two weeks you have slept through the night.  Hopefully we are onto something, and you will keep it up.  I think it has something to do with all the playing outside. You usually go down between 7-8, and wake up around 8.  Going into your room after you wake up is still my favorite thing. You are the happiest baby all the time.  You will lay in your bad and play for at least 30 minutes before we go in to get you.  You take one long nap during the day, and sometimes a short one in the afternoon.

Other: You are walking!  It is still really wobbly and not pretty, but you just decided you wanted to walk and took off.  You walk sideways, and seem to do better if you have something in your hand.  You can bend down, and pick things up.  You finally had another tooth come through on the top, and I think I saw the one next to it yesterday.  You love to play with balls.  You love to kick your brothers soccer ball all over the house.  You love to play "Patty Cake."  You "talk" all the time.  You say "mama" "dada" "nana, and "baba."  That is all we can make sense of right now.  You know how to shake your head "no" when you don't want/like something.  You are still enamored with your brother, and he thinks you are a rag doll.  He wants to "wrestle" you all the time.  Thank goodness you are a tank.  I have always told Hudson that the day would come when you could take him, and I reminded him of that when he came to me screaming you hit him the other day. He is quickly learning what payback means.  You LOVE taking a bath.
                                                            You also love playing outside

You had a little run in with the concrete a few weeks ago :(

You had your first haircut a week before your birthday.  I can't even handle how big you look.

You LOVE Bella, and she is so good with you and your brother

                                I think you were overwhelmed with all the people at your party so you didn't
                                really go for your cake.  We tried again with cupcakes on your actual birthday
                                and it went much better the second time.

You are the sweetest little boy, and we are so thankful that God chose us to be your parents.  You have so many people that love you, and you are still our "baby."  I hope you stay just as sweet as you are, and we can savor every moment of you being young.  You have brought so much joy in this past year, and taught us so much about ourselves.  I pray that you will grow up to be a kind, caring, Christian boy!  We love you more than words!