Sullivan is 2!

My sweet sweet Sullivan, you are two years old today!  I have not done the best job of posting your milestones, but I did not want to miss your second birthday. You are such a big boy now, and change more and more everyday.
                                                    This was just yesterday wasn't it???

You are my gentle giant.  The last time we went to the dr you were around 30 lbs.  I am not sure about height.  You are in 3T clothes, and tower over most of the kids your age.

You are my sweet sensitive child.  You are such a lover, and will cuddle non stop.  You also have a feisty streak.  If someone makes you mad you have no problem letting them know.  It is amazing to me how different you are from your brother.  By this age he was into so so much, and getting spankings on the daily.  All we have to do is raise our voice to you, and you melt into a puddle of tears.

With that being said, you are a climber.....

I never know where I am going to find you.  You also love water.  You will play in it forever, and most afternoons I just let you so that I can get things done around the house.

You are my sleeper.  PRAISE THE LORD.  We all know our struggles with getting your brother to sleep, so I am thankful you chose a different path.  You were sick a few weeks ago, and I tried getting you to sleep with me, and you were not having it.  You love your bed.  You go to sleep around 7 and wake up between 7:30 and 8:00.

You are also my eater.  You will eat pretty much anything and LOVE sweets. You started refusing to eat in your high chair around 18 months, and have been sitting at the table like a big boy ever since.

You still take a bottle to go to bed.  I am in no way ready to take this away, we love our sleep.  You used to only get it at night and naps, but you have recently started asking for it outside of bed.
Or should I say demanding it......

You went to your first movie a few weeks ago to see Zootopia, and did such a great job. 

You LOVE sports.  I can see such a difference with you and your brother when it comes to this.  You will play with a ball, bat, and tee forever.  You can also dribble a basketball better than him.  He is way too busy to be bothered with it.  I can already tell you are going to be a good little athlete.  You love being outside, and playing in the dirt. 

You LOVE Bella.  She is truly your best friend, and it is so sweet to see you all together.  You love all dogs for that matter, also a difference between you and Hudson.  

You also LOVE your Daddy.  You get so excited when he gets home in the afternoons, and it makes me so happy.  Your brother is a total mamas boy, so I am glad you are sharing the love with your daddy.

You love your brother, but we are officially at the "wrestling" age.  You all want to wrestle all the time.  Then there are times you all love each other.  I am doing my best to raise you all to be the best of friends, and always look out for each other. 

You are such a talker.  We now see how your brother had a speech delay.  You are leaps and bounds above where he was at this age.  You will pretty much repeat anything we say, and have started putting words together.  You are shy, and tend to get quiet in front of strangers.  Total opposite of your brother.....

You are such a joy to everyone around you.  You are so sweet, gentle, loving, and happy.  The joy you have brought our family could never be put into words.  We are so happy that God chose us to be your parents,and we pray that you grow up to know and love him.  Happy Birthday we sweet boy, we love you so much!