Hudson is 6!

I say it every year, but I can't believe the baby that made me a mommy first is 6!  Anyone who knows Hudson is aware of his "cop" obsession.  Naturally, we had a police themed birthday party on Sunday.  I wanted to keep things simple for the party, so we ordered pizzas, made salad, and bought cupcakes from Publix.  Also, you cannot have a police party without donuts!

I sent Luke a picture of a "jail" made out of a box, and he made it come to life.  This may have been the biggest hit of the party.

Then a special guest showed up!

LIFE MADE!  I called the Police station a few days before the party and explained that I had a cop obsessed little boy, and asked if they could have someone stop by the party.  They were so nice, and more than willing to come by as long as they were not super busy.  The officer that came out could not have been better with the kids, and even let Hudson sit in the car!  In a time when our law enforcement does not get enough respect it was so awesome to see a group of kids in awe of this police officer.    I cannot thank the Mt Juliet Police Dept. enough for making Hudson's day!  He even got a mention on their twitter page :)

We were so caught up in the excitement we almost forgot about his big gift!  He now has a big bike complete with hand brakes (his request) and a police light/siren!

The fun continued this morning with our annual pancake breakfast.

Some things I want to remember.....

You are still a picky eater, and barely eat.
YOU LOVE TO TALK.  Like, non stop.  You ask approx 234135 questions a day.  
You are too honest for your own good.  Your teacher confirmed this at our meeting last week.  We never have to wonder what is going on with you.  If you get in trouble at school, you tell us before we even have the chance to ask. 
You are so social.  You come home with a full lunchbox, and I am certain it is because you spent your entire lunch socializing.  
You remember everything.  Things I don't even remember.
You LOVE Kindergarten.  #socializing
You are doing so well in baseball this year.  We are finally in a more competitive league, and it has been so fun.
Being outside with your friends is your favorite. 
You have the most tender heart.  

You are such a special little boy, and we are so proud of you.  My prayer is that you will always be kind to others, and that people will see Jesus through you.  Always remember who you are, and dream big!  Happy Birthday!


Hudson Goes to Kindergarten

While it is fresh on my brain I want to do a blog post for Hudson starting kindergarten.  As I mentioned before, this hit me like a ton of bricks.  I am not one to get super sentimental about milestones and my kids growing up.  I always try to live in the moment and relish in this stage in our lives as much as possible.  I STRUGGLED with this chapter in life.  I felt like his whole life flashed before my eyes.  I tried to be really diligent with soaking up every single second leading up to school, and I really felt like we did.  We had a summer jam packed with all sorts of fun stuff I will blog about later.

I really wanted to make a big deal of starting school, and start some traditions.  We let Hudson pick a restaurant he wanted to eat at the night before school started, and he chose O Charley's.  This is still a mystery to me.  If you ask him any given day where he wants to eat, he will hands down say mexican.  Not sure what got into him that day, but O Charley's it was.  We had dinner and came home to get ready for the big day.  I read them a book and laid in bed with them and cried like a baby.  I felt like I was sending my baby into the great big ocean the next day......

There were so many things going through my mind when I went to bed that night.  Have we done everything we could to prepare him for this?  Will he be kind to everyone he meets?  Will he behave?  Will his teacher like him?  Is getting him up in the  mornings going to be an absolute nightmare?

I had been so worried about out new morning routine.  My mom comes to our house to keep the boys, and they are used to waking up whenever they want and being able to lay around for a while.  Hudson has always been a beast to wake up in the mornings for preschool, and it stressed me out for kinder.  I I am happy to report things have not been as bad as I expected.  We start the wake up process in plenty of time for him to ease out of bed, and get nice and awake before its time to leave.

We woke up bright and early for the first day of school, and he was so excited.  I wanted to make him a special breakfast, so pancakes it was!

After breakfast we went outside to take the obligatory "first day of school picture."

We are so incredibly blessed with the best neighbors who have happen to become some of our best friends.  There were four of them starting kinder together which made this so much easier for all of them.  Out of all of them, Hudson and our next door neighbor were the only two in the same class.  

After pictures we all loaded up and headed to school.  We all walked in together......

We dropped him off at his classroom, and just like that he was on his own.....

I think I had cried all my tears the week leading up to school, so I was actually okay the day of.  I had a sense of calm as we left the school.   I knew that we had done all we could to prepare him, and just prayed he would be okay.  My constant prayer for my kids is that people will see Jesus through them.  I obviously want them to be smart and never struggle, but for me the most important thing is that they are kind to others.  To always befriend the kids who are playing alone.  Be respectful of adults.  Always do the right thing, and know they can tell us anything.  

We are almost a month in and school is going great!  



Meet the Teacher

We are fortunate to go to a brand new school this year!  We don't have much to compare it to, but it is so nice!  We were able to tour the school, and meet the teacher at the end of July.

Next up, Kindergarten!