The Bachelorette

So I wasnt going to watch the bachelorette this season, but my friend Jill came to live with us for a while, and she had been watching the show so she got me hooked!! So last night as Jill and I had our usual monday wine and dinner night we were glued to the TV to watch the outcome of the show we had invested so much time in. Jill was always a fan of Jesse, but when he was cut Kipton became her new favorite! From the time that Ed left I told her the whole thing was staged, Ed would be back, and thats who she would pick. However as the show went on last night I was FOR SURE she would pick Kipton, and thats who I wanted because as time went on Ed began to get on my nerves, and after seeing him in the infamous green shorts that was it for me I switched teams ha ha! So Jill and I both were so SHOCKED when the show came to the end and she rejected not only Kipton, but Reid as well. So as I usually do on Tuesday morning I e-mailed my friend Jenny so we could share our opinions, and she gave me the link to a gossip website and according to some sources that are more reliable than others(as the website said) Ed has a girlfriend in Chicago, Kipton is signed to be the new bachelor, and Jillian is going to dump him and try and to get Reid back tonight.....sound familiar?!?! So I can't wait to tune in tonight and find out if the rumors are true=)

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  1. Oh GOSH! I get so into that show too! Check out www.realitysteve.com! He always knows what's going to happen before it does!!