Meet Macy Kate

Last November my sister gave birth to the most precious little girl in the world (im not bias). Macy Kate Kessler came into all of our lives like a whirlwind and we all fell in love. The is the most energetic, happy, loving child I have ever met. I never realized before she got here how much I was going to love that little girl. I sometimes think she is mine ha ha. If i dont see her for one day I have to go over to Ashley and Marc's house and visit because I miss her so much. Luckily Ashley and Marc are very sharing parents and let us all pass her around like a doll. Well I am not the only one that is smitten by this little girl my parents have discovered that a grandparents love is like no other. They always say that is something completely different from your own. Probably because they spoil her rotten and send her home. It is amazing how we all make fools of ourselves over that child! She has just started crawling and is all over the place! Im sure there will be many more pics to come!

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