Our Wedding

Soon after we got engaged I was on the hunt for the perfect place to get married! I have always wanted to get married outside despite the fear of rain I was on a mission to find a outdoor venue. The first place we went to was Cedarwood a plantation home/wedding venue that is ran by two sisters here in Nashville and I fell in LOVE. It just fit Luke and I so perfectly with the mason jars hanging from the trees and the old wooden swing in the front yard. Anyone close to me knows that I love flowers so that was the most important thing to me, and just so happened one of the ladys that owns the place did flowers for weddings for 13 years before her and her sister opened Cedearwood. There was one drawback from the place and that was it can only hold 200 people comfortably, and it made me really nervous so I continued to look at several other places but kept going back to Cedarwood so we decided that it was more imporant for us to be able to get married where we wanted than having more guests, because in the end we will be able to have all of our closests friends and family there and thats whats most important! So we booked the place for June 12th 2010! Next up was finding a wedding dress, a friend of a friend told me about a little place in Columbia, TN called The Spoiled Lady so thats where I decided i wanted to start the adventure to everyone's surprise I fell in love with the third dress I tried on bought it and the search ended there. My dress is absoultely perfect as my best friend Katie would say "the perfect southern belle dress". The lady that worked at the shop actually brought it to me and I would have NEVER picked it out myself, but boy im glad she did! Next up will be finding bridesmaid dresses I hope it will go as smooth as dress shopping!


  1. I didn't know that you found a dress already! That's so exciting! And I can't wait to see the renovation pictures. Get some up sister!

  2. I didn't you know had a blog! I love it! I found it on Erin's. Congrats on finding your dress! I hope all is well!