I have been saying I was going to start a blog forever and i finally joined in on the fun and took the time to do it. I wanted to share with everyone all of my wedding planning and as most of the people close to us know Luke and I are renovating a house so it will be fun to show all of our before and after pictures of the crazy process. To back track a little.....Luke and I had known of each other for a very long time because he was friends with a lot of the same people I went to high school with and I always had a little bit of a crush, but we never actually met. Fast forward to December 2007 my friends Megan, Emily and I went to visit some of our guy friends we went to high school with, and we get there and unbeknownst to us Luke lived with them! We hung out for a bit and then left and hit the town. With the work of my friend Megan and his friend Adam we all started hanging out together, and by Feburary we were together! On December 6, 2008 Luke popped the question and obviously I said YES!

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