Girls Trip!!!

Yesterday was a very exciting day because we bought our plane tickets and booked the hotel room for girls trip! In college a group of us made a pact that after college we would go on a trip every year to "try" and relive our college days. Since each of us have very different lives (especially Shannie who has an adorable little girl), it is so important for us to get together every fall to keep in touch with each other and whats going on in our lives. Although we all keep in touch through phone calls and e mails our girls trip is a way for all of us to get away and reconnect with each other. This year we are so excited to be going to NEW ORLEANS!! I for one am so excited not only to be with my best friends, but i have never been to NOLA before! We are going the weekend of Sept 25-27, and just so happened its the weekend of Oktober Fest in NOLA! So from now until then it will be all about saving money and hitting the gym! These are a few pictures from last years girls trip in St. Louis....if this year is half as fun as last we are in for a good time =)

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  1. I'm jealous!! You're going to have SO MUCH FUN