Well this was a BIG weekend as far as engagements are concerned. Not one but TWO of my good girlfriends got engaged this weekend! Friday night we were on the lake with some of our friends and I got a text message from my friend Meg saying that she was engaged! Everyone has just been waiting for the day that this would happen, but nobody knew when it would! I could not be happier for Meg and Aaron they are two truly amazing people who are perfect for each other=). So I have known for a month or so that my friend Leslie was going to get engaged this past Saturday so it wasn't quite as shocking as Meg and Aaron, nonetheless it was just as exciting! I also went to a bachelorette party on Saturday for my friend Heather who is getting married in October! I am so excited for all my friends who are getting married and happy that I have people to talk weddings with since mine is going to be here before I know it! Just to update on our planning I am STILL looking for bridesmaid dresses, but I'm optimistic that I will find something soon! I will keep you all posted....

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