Football Time

We are so excited about college football starting we can't stand it! As most of you know I am a HUGE Auburn fan and Luke is a Tennessee fan. However this never really seems to cause a problem in our house because neither one of us are sore losers, and we never pull against one an anothers team unless they are playing each other of course. In fact last year we went to the AU/UT game and did just fine=). It will interesting tomorrow though because TN is playing WKU so of course I'm pulling for the team that I graduated from......I mean i did meet my best friends there and it was my home for five years=). I am not really expecting a win out of Western, but hoping i will be shocked! After that AU comes on and hopefully they will pull of a W for me=). My best friend Roy and I always try and make it a point to watch games together, and try to go to at least one AU game since that is where he is from and its always fun to go back and visit all his friends and family. This is one of my favorite pictures of us in our AU gear =)

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