Travel Anyone??

On top of the stress of wedding planning I thought I would throw in planning a trip to Europe next summer.  I went to Europe for the first time the summer after I graduated college and fell in love with it!  Italy in particular, we flew to Rome, and the rented a car and drove through the Tuscany region (which was unreal) to Florence, and along the way stopped in Sienna and Pisa.  We also went to Cinque Terre and finished our road trip in Milan!  I loved everything about our trip, and its important to me that we take a trip before we start trying to have kids=)  I really want Luke to visit Rome so we are starting there, and after research and talking to friends we are thinking about heading south from there to Naples, Capri, and Sicily.  All of these places look amazing, and Luke actually has family in Sicily so it is important to him that we go there.  So I would LOVE any feedback I can get about any of these places or suggestions of other places we should go??  I know its early, but I want to get started planning so we can figure out how much money to save so this is not something that is just talked about and we never end up doing.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!! 


  1. Amber I just saw you have a blog and I love reading it! I'm so happy for you!! I just wanted to say while you are over there you should look into taking a ferry from italy to Croatia. My dad is from there and I have been a few times and it is gorgeous! It may not work into your trip but if it does you should give it a go! It's like a hidden jewel of the meditteranean! I'm sure wherever you go will be beautiful since you will have your husband with you!! Again Congratulations!!

  2. Thanks so much!! That is something to think about because I have not heard great things about Naples or Sicily so we are thinking about just going to Capri in Southern Italy so we have time to fit other places in. I am going to look into that!