Hello Lent!

With Luke growing up Catholic he knows all about the sacrifice of giving up something for Lent.  I have given up stuff in the past, and never really stuck to it, but since we are becoming more involved in church I decided to give it a go this year!  I have decided to give up sweets and potatoes, two of which are weaknesses for me!  I know its going to be tough, but its something that I am committed to!  No more WW snacks in the house and in with the yogurt and fruit.  I am also hoping that giving these things up will help in my weight loss efforts .  I went to my ww meeting last night and lost 1.6 lbs.  I know a loss is a loss, but I was really hoping for more since I have been working out so well, so I talked to my trainer this morning and he said I need to start doing cardio everyday.  So if someone needs to find me I will be living at the gym for the next four months!

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  1. How funny! I gave up stuff for Lent that will help me lose weight too!