Easter Weekend!

We could not have asked for better weather on Easter!  I cooked until 10:30 Saturday night, and woke up at 6:30 Sunday morning to finish up!  Then we went to church with the family, and had brunch with Luke's family.  After we finised there we headed to my family's easter lunch...needless to say it was a day full of eating ha ha.  Since I gave up potatoes and sweets for lent I was sure to have my fair share on Sunday before getting back to the grind with my diet yesterday.  Since all things revolve around Macy Kate thats all i really have pictures of from Easter ha ha...can you tell she is spoiled?  Here she is getting her easter basket

and this is her cute little easter dress

She had such a good time hunting easter eggs, although she liked taking them out of the basket more than putting them in ha ha.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful week, and enjoying the weather!

P.S 67 days until the wedding!!!!


  1. love the pics of macy kate!! she is a doll!!

  2. Hello! Just became a follower of your blog, come check out mine! (thanks in advance, ha!)