The First Hurdle....

Well as everyone has told me something ALWAYS goes wrong when you are planning a wedding, I am getting to experience the furst MAJOR dilemma.  I got a call Friday afternoon(keep in mind my invitaions were supposed to go out Monday) from the hotel that I had rooms blocked saying that all the rooms I had blocked had gotten released.  So normally it wouldnt be a big deal, however in my infinite wisdom I thought it would be a good idea to get married on CMA fest weekend.  So for any of you who are familiar with the festival, it is probably Nashville's biggest event so people come from far and wide.  Well lucky for me all these people have booked just about every hotel in Nashville.  Now normally I LOVE this event and usually attend the concerts, but after this I think I will forever hold a grudge against the event, and all the tourists who attend ha ha.  I feel like I have called EVERY hotel in Nashville, and they are either booked or will not block rooms for that weekend.  My poor mom has been working herself to death as well looking for rooms, but we are just not having much luck since the wedding is two months away.  I will say we are not completly out of luck we have found a couple of hotels, but they are not quite as close to my venue as I was hoping, but I am confident that it will not keep my closest friends and family from coming to my wedding=).  We are still working on things and waiting for a few calls back, but HOPEFULLY we will have this problem fixed and my invites can go out by the end of the week.  Everyone please say a prayer for my sanity ha ha


  1. oh no! it'll all work out though - it always does!!! :)

  2. Thinking about you! I know it will all work for you!