Weigh in Wednesday!

It's time for Mrs. Southerland's WIW.  I am ashamed to say that I have not been keeping up as I said I would, however with my wedding being three short weeks away (yikes) I need to be held accountable!  I continue to do boot camp three days a week, and have just about cut out all carbs in an attempt to get the weight off faster.  However last week I weighed 149.5, and when I went to boot camp this morning I am at 149=(.  I am not going to let it get me down, because even though I am not seeing it on the scale I feel great!  I actually had to go shopping last weekend for some new clothes, because mine were falling off of me.  So I'm hoping that I am gaining some muscle and that's what is slowing the weight loss down.  My goal is to be at 140 by wedding day!  I will be so happy with myself, because that will be 30 lbs total=).  I will still be 10 lbs from the ultimate goal, but I cannot beat myself up for not getting there before the wedding, because I do not planning on stopping just because my wedding is over.  Thanks for the words of encouragement they really do help!!


  1. Keep it up girl! I know you can do it and you will look great in your dress no matter what!

  2. That is a great goal girl! YOU CAN DO IT! I would love to do boot camp.. You will be a beautiful bride no matter what!