Well as everyone knows by now Nashville suffered a devastating blow to our beautiful city this past weekend.  I won't go into detail because I am SURE everyone has seen lots of pictures and heard all about it.  Unfortunately Luke and I were victims of the massive amounts of rain.  Luke woke up at 6:30 Sunday morning, and everything was normal in the house....fast forward two short hours, we woke up and go into our kitchen and look down in the den(which is an addition and used to be a garage), and there are my beautiful hardwood floors that have JUST been installed FLOATING in about 2 feet of water!  So immediately we starting freaking out and trying to get the water out, and at this point we had no idea that Nashville was just about under water.  Luke figured out the water was coming from the back of the house and started digging trenches in the back your to direct the water around the house instead of straight in the back.  The way our house is set up you walk in the front door that used to be the garage and go through the den, and there is a laundry room straight back, and a mud room to the left off of the laundry room, and then a door to the back patio.  They finally got the water to stop coming in, and we began pushing the water out, keep in mind the front door is open the entire time all this madness is going and water is pouring out, so who knows how high it would have gotten.  We would have never been able to get through this without the help of our wonderful, friends, family, and neighbors who were there within minutes to help us, we realized how truly blessed we are to have such wonderful people in our lives and could never thank them enough for the help.  Thank goodness the den,laundry, and mud rooms are all below the rest of the house so all the water was contained to those rooms.  We could never be upset or complain about our house when you see people who have literally lost everything, not to mention people lost their lives.  Luckily we did not have any furniture in the den yet, because we had JUST finished the floors.  My only complaint to mother nature is your timing really sucked ha.  I finally felt like there was light at the end of the tunnel with that being the last room left to renovate, and it was almost done.  Not to mention our wedding is a little over a month away.  In the grand  scheme of things it is all very trivial and I feel so blessed, because it could have been so much worse.  Now that I have rambled on forever here are some pictures(i don't have any from when it first happened, because in a panic I grabbed my old camera so they are all on it). 
                                           poor jax is so confused...yes that is the surprise we
                                           got when we pulled up the carpet before the hardwood
                                           went down...checkered tile ha ha.  I can't wait to look
                                           at that for the next few months...
                                                             after all the water is out

I hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. I am so glad you all are okay! You all are so lucky to only have minor damage in the grand scheme of things! Thinking about you all! Oh, and Jax is so cute---he is getting so big!

  2. OH girl, I am glad that y'all are OK comparitively speaking! Hope everything gets back to normal soon!