The Bachelorette

I have to say the bachelorette is a guilty pleasure of mine.....I ask myself every season why I watch the nonsense when I know they will probably not last.  It doesn't help that as this season nears the end Jake/Vienna and Ed/Jillian split around the same time.  I will say there is something about this season and the men that seem different to me.  I don't think there has ever been a cast that I have liked so much (other than a few bad apples).  Since the previews have made it pretty obvious that Frank goes home next week I think she has narrowed it down to two pretty awesome guys.  I have been a huge fan of Chris the entire season, and have my fingers crossed that he will be the one to propose in the end.  It has seemed to me that their relationship has been more real and moved at a more normal pace.  Roberto is a cutie, and I'm sure he would be a great pick too!!  I have managed to stay away from all the spoilers so I cant wait to see who she picks!

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