Its All in the Details

I am a very detail oriented person, so after looking at several venues for my wedding I knew Cedarwood was the place for me.  I loved every minute of wedding planning, but what  I loved the most was being able to go to a few meetings with Karen and Linda, taking a handful of pictures, describing my dream wedding, and seeing it come to life.  I really wasn't sure what to expect I just knew that I had complete faith in these two ladies, and whatever they came up with I would love.  That does not mean that I wasn't a nervous wreck on the way, because it hit me that I really didn't know what I would be walking into.  I was so overcome with emotions when I walked up and started surveying everything, because not only did they nail it, but it was more than I would have ever dreamed of.  When people get married they always have their one "thing" that is the most important to them, and my "things" were the flowers.  I am more than obsessed with flowers, and that was what really sold me on having my wedding at Cedarwood. It didn't matter if the colors were mine or even if the wedding was my taste I never saw a blog post of a wedding that I was not blown away by Karen's floral arrangements.  I told them that I wanted lots of color,fun, and overstated flowers, and I think it turned out pretty much perfect.
I was so nervous as I walked in..

Then I saw the guest table and started to relax

This is what took my breath away....

The food was all set up inside the house

The cake was one of my favorite aspects of the wedding.  I wanted something different, rather than your typical square or round cake.  In college I was a Phi Mu and our badge was in the shape of a quatrefoil, and I thought how neat would it be to make that the bottom of my cake??  I was so blown away at how great it turned out, and it was just another personal touch that made the day so special.
Until the next wedding post I hope you all enjoy!

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  1. So so gorgeous!!! Love your bright and fresh color scheme!