Blogging Break

I have to admit I have been TERRIBLE at blogging lately, however I plan on getting back on top of things very soon. I have taken on a lot more at work, so unfortunately that has been the demise of my blogging. The good news is Comcast will be out to our house to fix our internet so hopefully I can get caught up on my blog at night. In the meantime I have recently become interested in cooking with butternut squash, for someone who cooks very often I am ashamed to say I have never cooked with these autumn beauties before. I think every cook has things that they are intimidated by in the kitchen, and I have to say butternut squash and artichokes are mine. I plan to win this battle and add butternut squash to my winter menu this week. With that being said I would love for you all to send me any butternut squash recipes you have, I have found some online that I would like to try, but I would rather try something that I know has been tested and approved first. Thanks so much, and it feels good to be back in touch with everyone.

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